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Class Notes - Class of 1980

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News about Class of '80-ites
  • The blame-game has begun in the Bharatiya Janata Party. Sudheendra Kulkarni ('80) has written an article for Tehelka. Anil Chawla, his classmate at IIT Bombay, has circulated an 'open letter' by way of a rejoinder to Sudheendra Kulkarni's article. link.jpg
  • Dr Kasim Mookhtiar and colleagues have set up a drug developmental laboratory in Pune  ... Advinus Therapeutics Inc. promises to put India on the path of global competitiveness in drug discovery and engineering. link.jpg

Silver Jubilee Reunion

The largest single class reunion ever was held by the Silver Jubilee Class of 1980 in Powai on December 24-25, 2005. The event was a great success and everyone who attended had a wonderful time meeting old friends and classmates. The Class of 1980 successfully raised an amount in excess of $200,000 or Rs. 1 crore for the Powai Lake Legacy Project ... more.

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Class of 1980
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