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Yahoo Groups

Listed below are YahooGroups by Year of Graduation and also many others set up by various groups of IITians - please let us know if you see your favorite YahooGroup missing in this list or if you have set up a new YahooGroup. Just click on the hyperlinked names below to go to the respective YahooGroups, which are generally named by appending "iit" (or "iit_") appended to "YY" where "YY" is the year of graduation. Therefore "iitb80" is the YahooGroup for those IIT Bombay alums who graduated in 1980, which is the Class of 1980.

IIT_Bombay iitb81 iitb98

iitb65 ('65 and earlier)


iitb82 iitb99
iitb66 iitb83 iitb00
iitb67 iitb84 iitb01
iitb68 iitb85 iitb02
iitb69 iitb86 iitb03
IITB197040YR iitb87 iitb04
iitb71 iitb88 iitb05
iitb72 iitb89 iitb06
iitb73 iitb90 iitb07
iitb74 iitb91 iitb08
iitb75 iitb92 iitb09
iitb76 iitb93  iitb10
iitb77 iitb94  iitb11 
iitb78 iitb95 iitb12 New
iitb79 iitb96  iitb13 New
iitb80 iitb97  


Class Notes

The Class Notes page is a forum for news about classmates for everyone to see while the Batch YahooGroup (see  below) provides a private forum for emails and exchanges between batchmates.

Class of 1965 | Class of 1969 | Class of 1980 | Class of 1984

Do you see your Year of Graduation from IIT Bombay listed above or on the left? If you want to create a Class Notes page for your batch, write to webteam [at]


Other IIT Bombay YahooGroups
IITwomen For those extraordinary women who joined one of the IITs and share that unique experience. Don't you think it's time to network, bond, mentor female technocrats, scientists and managers of tomorrow...or at least just laugh over fitting workshop, lab or hostel memories..?? Well, let's make it happen!!
tca-IIT-Bombay tca-IIT-Bombay[!] is the mailing list for messages relevant to Tamil Cultural Association, IIT Bombay.
iit-midwest Pan-IIT Midwest Alumni Chapter Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Delhi, Madras, Bombay, Kanpur, Guwahati, Roorkee
Gay-IITB The group of Gay, Lesbians, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer persons from IITB (Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Bombay(or Mumbai)), Maharashtra, India.
iitbombaymarathimandal If you are Maharastrian and student/alumni of IIT Bombay, then this is the ideal place to interact with each other.
utkala This is the home page for Utkala, an association of utkalians in IIT Bombay. Utkal the old name of Orissa.
iitmaamumbai This is egroups site is for the IIT Madras Alumni based in and around Bombay. The Bombay Alumni chapter welcomes all the IIT M alumni to join this. The purpose of this egroups is to be able to stay in contact and be net-worked.
tansahouse This group represents the colourful life at Tansa House, IIT-Bombay, a hostel that is truly, for, by and of the inmates...!



If you wish to see the 300+ other YahooGroups connected with IIT Bombay, just click on:


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