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IIT to AAP: Ragpicker's son quits US job to contest polls from Jalna

MUMBAI: Aam Aadmi Party's Jalna candidate, Deelip Mhaske, is not your regular politician, Deelip is an inspirational story. Deelip was born into a poor family, his father was an agricultural labourer and mother a rag picker. Deelip got into IIT Bombay and later into the University of Pennsylvania for his Ph.D. What makes an IIT Bombay graduate with a great entrepreneurial stint in healthcare in America return home?


Mhaske, himself worked as a construction labor when he was at IIT Bombay, he no doubt has lead a challenging life, and this LS election is just another challenge. After his graduation from IIT Bombay, in Planning and Development, Mhaske went to the University of Pennsylvania where he received a scholarship to do his Phd. Mhaske also has a health sciences degree from Harvard Business School and has been a healthcare consultant with the governments of New York, Jew Jersey and Washington.


Mhaske was always politically vocal, he was a campaigner for Obama during the US elections, even during his IIT days he was associated with Jayprakash Narayan's Lok Satta party in Hyderabad, and was involved in setting up a chapter of the party in Maharashtra, he was a part of Anna Hazare's movement against corruption in 2003, as a student at IIT, well-before Hazare shot to fame on the national arena.


Mhaske has been a part of AAP ever since it was launched. He feels that the system needs cleaning up. Although Mhaske's opponents have tried to use his caste and his 'foreign' status against him, Mhaske refuses to back down.


Politics needs more Mhaskes, more people who will challenge the system, more people who want to come back home.

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