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Aakash Tablet on the verge of touching skies, App Development Competition by Ron Mehta


August 8th, 2013, IIT Bombay


In his busy schedule of one day visit, back to his college, Mr Ruyintan (Ron) Mehta, from 1970 batch, B.Tech in Chemical Engineering, interacted with the contestants of Aakash Tablet App Development competition. Mr Mehta has been very influenced by the with the work done by IIT Bombay on Aakash and other national mission projects. By contributing directly (in the form of prize money for the competition amounting to US$ 2500), he aims at encouraging more participation from student community. Along with Professor D.B. Phatak from CSE Department, who is leading the Aakash Project in IIT Bombay, he individually connected to the participants who talked about their team and their background in FC Kohli Auditorium for an hour at IIT Bombay. Ron_DBP.jpg.jpg

Ron also shared his story of losing the bet to his friend on Aakash Tablet, in which the loser had to donate the cost of 10 tablets to IIT Bombay. At the end, letting IITB to be the winner. Ron is an absolute admirer of India and believes in Alumni support to the program. “Its time to stop being sceptical and participate in the initiative, as much as possible.”, said Ron upon asking his expectations from the IIT Bombay family.

Towards the end Professor Phatak guided the students on how to pursue this as a project and show sheer zeal in the contest, letting the best to win on an absolute scale. He signed off by saying, “Happy Programming” with more inspiring quotes for the budding programmers. He also announced that about every contestant would be given a tab in the project.



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