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NGOs and Non-Profit Organizations

IIT Bombay alumni are actively involved in a wide range of non-profit activities out of a sense of civic duty and because they want to "give back" to society. This website attempts to list as many of these initiatives as possible. Note that these activities are volunteer efforts outside the control of IITBHF and IITBAA. As such, these two organizations do not endorse and are not responsible or liable for the activities of these organizations.

If you or someone you know from IIT Bombay is involved with an NGO, please send a note to iitbaa [at] and request that the NGO be recognized on this page.

Magsaysay Award-winner Sandeep Pandey, a Professor at IIT Kanpur, founded ASHA, an organization which has expanded across the US, in India and in many other locations. In almost each of these Chapters across the globe, IIT Bombay alumni across a broad age spectrum are dedicating many hours of personal time to support the cause of educating the underprivileged of India ... more.

A number of IIT Bombay alumni are lead volunteers for PRATHAM, an organization dedicated to the universalization of primary education - "Ensuring that every child is in school and learning" ... more.

Karmayog ( is a free platform for the Indian nonprofit sector and for addressing civic issues in Mumbai founded by Vinay Somani ('80). Nonprofits can provide information about themselves and their needs through this free website and ask for volunteers, materials, services and funds. Karmayog lists 1000+ nonprofits in Mumbai and 3000+ in the rest of India ... more.

Anuvrata (Dunu) Roy ('67 / 69) went to Madhya Pradesh and started an enterprise called Vidushak Karkhana in Annupur near Shahdol. He is currently the coordinator of the Hazards Center in New Delhi ... more.

Ummeed, a non-profit organization led by Ashish Karamchandani ('80) and others, was set up with the objective of helping children with developmental disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Learning Disability, Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder etc. There are over 35 million children in India with developmental disabilities and the quantity of care for such children is very limited, and even when it exists, the quality is variable ... more.

Pankhudi Foundation, established by Shahzad Wakeel (2005). is dedicated to the cause of Education, Life-skills and Health measures for slum and differently-abled children.  It has also undertaken several campaigns for HIV awareness, adoption promotion and collection drives to meet out the needs of children. The young workforce of this organization comprises of many IITB alumni/present students and also alumni of other IITs.  ... more.

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