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About Project Velocity

About Project Velocity

With much debate happening over the conventional fuel guzzlers used in modern formula racing, IIT Bombay Racing have embarked upon the challenge of designing and manufacturing India's first ever Electric style race car. This race car will compete at the Formula Student, UK event in July 2012 amongst 100 other international universities. A team of 35 students across various disciplines is working on a year-long schedule with innovative technologies like Li-Po battery packs and DC motor drives for automotive applications.

The overall budget for the successful completion of the project and tranport/ logistics of the team amounts to INR 22 lakhs (45,000 USD) and the team has so far raised a total of INR 15 lakhs (30,000 USD) through the help of IIT Bombay R&D and collaboration with industry.

Barely 4 months away from the competition, we are finding it difficult to raise further funds as a result of which our timelines are drastically altering. This might get detrimental for the project and will thus result in sub-quality performance of IIT Bombay at the international event.

In light of this, we thought of looking back to our Alumni to reinforce this project.

We believe your years of experience in such equivalent matters & established network can take us through this critical phase & help make our dream true of running a FS car on the Silverstone circuit in UK with a Record Lap Time set by IIT Bombay.

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