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I-ASCEND Launch & SINE 10th Anniversary Event - 19th April, 2014

On the occasision of it's Tenth Anniversary Celebration, SINE the technology business incubator at IIT Bombay has launched I-ASCEND, their joint flagship entrepreunership forum with IIT Bombay Alumni Association.

































To those of you who are still wondering, the launch of i-Ascend was a huge success.


There were 200+ people and the morning session went like clockwork. Deepak Satwalaekar's keynote was inspirational, the entrepreuner's experience sharing session saw animated conversation and exchange with the audience. There was a great presence of investors, mentors,faculty, academics and industry representatives and more than that, many entrepreuners, - bright, young enthusiastic faces from the usual suspects who usually frequent our events.


Thankfully, everything just fell into place and the credit goes to all the people who stepped in, generous wth their time and atention.


Firstly, Paresh Vora deserves much of the praise. For the past 9 months he has never lost sight of the eventual goal and in his quiet, unassuming fashion nudged and pushed and kept I Ascend on track. I Ascend owes a large portion of its sucess to SINE. Without the able leadership, experience and domain knowledge of SINE, this event would not have happened.


Whether it is Prof.Molind Atrey's generous support and encouragement, Poyni Bhatt's amazing breadth of experience, Pradeep's hard work and dogged slogging krishnanveni and Sushanto Mitra who not only ably managed the entire pitch session but also handled the driver duties assigned to him with a smile. to SINE. Everyone has made their own invaluable contribution to this event.


It is because of the incredible genrosity of people who give their time despite their already busy lives that keeps IITBAA motivated to keep going.


Ajay Bhagwat, Raj Nair who not also stepped in and pushed the envelope but bailed us out when we had a minor crisis in our hands.Ditto for Ashank Desai, Suresh Lulla, Prof Contractor who is a good sounding board and advisor for everything that AA attempts. Avinash Sankholkar, Mahendra Kapadia, Kiran Shesh, the fundraising team and more.


Finally ,the IIT SINE staff and staff from the IITB Alumni Association who have put in a great deal of hardwork and dedication in organizing and bringing this idea to fruition.





Bakul Desai

Congrats to all concerned. If I start mentioning each of you individually, the proper nouns will overpower the rest of the text, just as much as all of you overpower our expectations. Looks like I’m going to retire as a happy man. ? Viva la AA/HF/SINE/IIT association. (or is it now called a “coalition”?)


 Suresh Lulla 
Great start.How about a big THANK YOU to Damayanti!

Ashank Desai

It was a very successful event . Wearing my SINE hat , I feel this is a great beginning for IITB Alumni contributing to help SINE reach still greater heights of success. Be it  IITB alumni mentoring our entrepreneurs  or Financing SINE companies etc.








Date& Time:- 19th April 2014, 9.00 AM – 5.30 PM

Venue: Victor Menezes Convention Center, IIT Bombay

Program Schedule


Visualized as the second SIG (Special Interest Group) of IITBAA’s larger Global Alumni Business Form, I-ASCEND follows its core principles.  The program therefore is structured to ensure that all participants find direct and significant value for their own advancement at the event. Here are a few key value propositions and why you should attend the event.


Knowledge sharing and discussions: Keynote and end note discussions from leading experts on the subject who share their experience in facing challenge. Discussions and experience sharing by young entrepreneurs.


Mentoring Sessions: A chance to be mentored by the veterans in the field with quality interactions at the event. This would include;pre fixed mentoring- Mentors and mentees who have registered on IASCEND database, and expressed mutual interest in working will get chance to meet on one-on-one.
Speed mentoring: Entrepreneurs can make 2-3 minute pitch, and experts and investors will provide quick  feedback on their pitch as well as answer questions from the entrepreneurs.


Venture- Entrepreneur Network: An opportunity to network with angel investment and VC firms.  Do send us a one page write up about your company/venture after registering so that it can form a part of the collateral for the event. If you are from the investment community do register with contact information on how you would like to engage. Our intent is to create a forum for presenting IITB innovations waiting for investment & entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneur’s Product & Business-Idea/Plan Showcase: - Shortlisted attendees will get designated desk space in VMCC to showcase their companies and products and business idea/plan to all the gathered attendees.


One-on one business interactions: - We are on the process of creating a list of special invitees, corporate and business leaders, leaders from government and policy making bodies who may provide business advancement opportunities for your venture. They will be available for individual interactions with early bird participants who ask for appointments. Watch out our special invitees list at the I ASCEND event page. If you have anyone specific in mind reach out to us today.


Industry-Academia-Entrepreneurs interaction: Faculty and research students present their research to select entrepreneurs, industry representatives and investors. This is a SINE and FICCI joint initiative with a focused target audience.


New Idea Pitch Competition: Students and Young entrepreneurs can present new ideas in a elevator pitch mode.   


      Registration is free of charge for this event but please note that outstation guests will have to make their own arrangements for accommodation.


For Further Details, contact





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