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Hostel 9 - Pluto

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Registrations for the annual Institute Alumni Reunion is up and roaring: it is very easy and takes one minute at here
Dear Alumnus, 
It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you back to Nawabon ki Basti!! The HATS scene is continuously improving with increasing Alumni Participation. Archiving of hostel council database was initiated for alumni contacting.
Here is an update of the events of the year gone by
  • We had our Mess Privatization- Our mess is now being privatized and is giving the best results compared to previous years and among other hostels. Hostel 9 has also got wide space in hostel mess which is good for cleanliness and hygiene issues as compared to other hostels.
  • Cultural Events-
  1. Moreover, we came 1st in the PAF this year!- “Mandali”
  2. We stood 1st in Main Dram GC- “Khel”
  3. We stood 2nd in Gyrations
  4. We bagged both the 1st and the 2nd positions at the Hindi Debate GC
  5. We were positioned 3rd in the Film GC
  • Sports Events
  1. Reached the quarters in both Badminton as well as Table Tennis GCs
  2. Our Hostel also performed decently in swimming, water polo and carom GCs
  • Tech Events
  1. We are currently ranked 1st in the overall Tech GC
  2. We also bagged the 2nd position in the Aeromodelling GC
  • Social Events
Nautanki 4.0- The H9 festival-9Tanki 4.0 was conducted on a grand scale this year. We had a lot of events in Nautanki which saw huge participation from the hostel junta. Some of them were Khau Gali (eat all you can), Cric Box (Box Cricket), Poker Night, H-9s Got Talent, etc. For the first time we conceptualized Gaming Night in H-9.
Besides, we celebrated a plethora of festivals beginning with the Janmashtami Puja, Matki Phod, Ganesh festival and ranging from Lohri to Holi to Diwali.

  • Miscellaneous
This year a lot of development was done in hostel facilities. The Public Health Office was subjected to immense pressure as a result we had room cleaning using vacuum cleaners. They provided new machines for cleanliness purpose. The role of H9 was instrumental in bringing the work of PHO under scanner. We purchased new chairs, Wi-Fi router and a carpet for comp room and succeeded in developing it into a study room. Hangers have been installed in most of the rooms. Water proofing of the area outside Super Lounge has been done. A new complaint portal was developed for the feedback/complaints on lines of institute CMS.
All in all,2012-13 has been one of the most eventful years in our hostel's history. It can be made more eventful, only with your continued involvement. Looking forward to meeting you at the Student Alumni Meet and the Hostel Reunion. Feel free to contact us anytime if you feel like visiting the hostel or even for any arbit bakar ;)
To be part of Hostel HATS Champs register Here.
General Secretary                                                                Alumni Secretary
Kumar Saumya                                                                        Kashish Sottany                                         
Ph : +91 96196 01229                                                               Ph : +91 96999 42398
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