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In Service of the Lady



Registrations for the annual Institute Alumni Reunion is up and roaring: it is very easy and takes one minute at here

The Lady of the Lake, as the name suggests, is one of the most sought-after hostel, primarily because of its location. It is adequately far from the academic section (you know the benefits) but at the same point, close enough to the SAC grounds.

The leader that the hostel is, it championed the launch of HATS in every other hostel via its guidance and support, possible because of the exceptional enthusiasm shown by its ex-inmates. Hostel 7 is most securely established when it comes to HATS and other initiatives that come with it.

Under the Mess Worker's Incentive Fund, every mess worker who has served in the hostel was given a small token of appreciation for their service to the hostel, in form of monetary awards. In the reunion of 2010, many workers, who had worked for more than 25 years, were given Rs 1 lakh as an acknowledgement of their service to students of the hostels.

Heptalites have always been ahead in sports and cultural events. Last year we were 1st in Gen Quiz GC, Wolf pack quiz GC, film GC, 3d modeling GC, Photography GC, English Debate and secured an overall 3rd position in Cult GC.

Continuing our extraordinary performance from the last year we won the first GC of this autumn semester, the Swimming GC.

The hostel is planning for a big reunion this year, silver jubilee for ‘88 batch. The hostel takes privilege in inviting you for the most memorable evening you'll have after a long time, at your home away from home .

To be a part of Hostel HATS Champs register here .

For further information, contact :

General Secretary

Amit Kumar

+91 9757418423

Alumni Secretary

Tanmay Gawali

+91 9029009260








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