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 "Home is a place you grow up, wanting to leave, and grow old, wanting to get back to !!!"

Registrations for the annual Institute Alumni Reunion is up and roaring: it is very easy and takes one minute at here

Welcome back Senior Junta to the domain of the Vikings...!!

You might already be having a movie playing in the back of your mind reminiscing the yesteryears. I am damn sure you miss the jolly old days when you were a part of the "BAAP of all hostels". Hostel-6 has left an everlasting imprint on everyone who has been lucky enough to be a part of it.

The Hostel reunion was held for the first time in the institute by H6 3 years ago and last year we repeated the feat with an even bigger turnout when the hexalites gathered and celebrated in true Viking fashion! On the night of the first day, alumni from all the hostels gathered around the warmth of a bonfire and played a lively antakshari of students vs alumni. It was more of a massacre as the alumni totally outdid the students. On the second day, the ex-Hexalites visited the hostel and were greeted by the most familiar faces besides students, the mess workers, those that have been working since their time and still do so. All the activities planned out for the alumni proved unnecessary as the alumni were content just to be in the comradeship of the mess workers who had waited on them so many years ago. Even the mess workers who had retired turned up to see the alumni once more. And the alumni in turn said thank you by giving out checks from the Mess Workers’ Incentive Fund. This brought the light of joy in their eyes, which to the spectator is a priceless sight.And with this ended a memorable day with promises to meet again next year.


This is a brief account of H6’s achievements last academic year.

H6, As always, has been outdoing itself in all spheres of competition. We won the energy GC, an initiative to check the power consumption and wastage in hostels. We had even installed PIR sensors in the bathrooms for this. That’s how seriously we take things here. Hostel 6 has finished in the 3rd position in the Cult GC. The hostel saw true Viking Grit and determination, and true Jugaad, to come out on top.

In the sports GC too, we drubbed everyone else in the Footer GC, a feat that will not be forgotten for many years to come. The heartening fact was that we made the best use of the sportsmen that we had.

We finished 4th position in the Film Making GC, and consistently secured points in all the sports GC’s with a 3rd place in the Chess GC.

But more that all this, it’s the very enthusiasm seen in the buzzing corridors, the floodlit cricket ground in the hostel, the TT room, the turnout for intra events, that continues to amaze and surprise the council. The Poker intra sees participation other hostels too !

So the vigor and enthusiasm of the hostel is something that clearly spans generations. The spirit of H6 can never be broken. Because Vikings are we and always will be!


Divyansh Bordia (Alumni Secretary)                                                         Prasun Dey (General Secretary)                                                        

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