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Calling on all H-4-ites to join hands in giving back to your hostel ... Rs. 31 lacs collected ... Rs. 12.75 lacs disbursed to old mess workers ... Thank you everybody for another memorable celebration on 26th December 2010... Madhouse Book launched and receives rave reviews ...State-of-the art HATS funded gym inaugurated ... Way to go H4 ...........................................
Registrations for the annual Institute Alumni Reunion is up and roaring: it is very easy and takes one minute at here

Dear H4 Alum,
Welcome to the official webpage of your very own MADHOUSE! This is our beloved home that has seen the best and the most memorable of times, during our stay in IIT.  We take pleasure in informing you that Hostel 4 still continues to be the “BAAP” of all hostels. It has known to keep up its old habit of excelling in various academic and co-curricular fields without fail, and
has set its own standards, year after year. Of course this advancement in the hostel’s academic as well as non-academic walks owes a lion’s share of credit to the whole-hearted support of the hostel alumni. 

Alumni of H4 released an exciting book recording their memoirs, with a grand launch on 26-Dec-2010. All alumni are requested to join us in this exciting venture.


Registrations for the Annual Institute Alumni Reunion are now open. Spare one minute to register here.

Yet those memories bring a smile…

And I see my friends with me all while!

Inside my heart, celebrating each day…

In there, Madhouse will always stay!

 The Alumni scene of Hostel 4 has been just as active and enthusiastic as before.  Ever since the launch of H4 HATS (Hostel Alumni Team Stewardship)—an initiative aimed at improving the infrastructure facilities inside the hostel, and repaying the veteran mess workers, the H4 alumni have been very enthusiastic about the HATS initiatives. Through this initiative, all the mess workers who have served the hostel for 25 years or more have been provided with their share of HATS funds.

Also, the book MADHOUSE the compiled anecdotes by the H4 alumni has become a hit among the students, who completely relate to the hillarious incidences. And copies of the books have been included in the hostel library, to cater to the growing demand among the present inmates.  Join iitbh4madhouse [at] to learn more. You can also send an  email  

 On 26 December 2010, the 2010 alumni reunion took place. The highlights of the event included promotion of ‘Madhouse: True Stories of the Inmates of Hostel4, IIT-B’ book, inauguration of the Alumni-funded H4 gym, movie screening and a gala dinner amidst a night filled with fun. Click here to see some photos from 2010 H4 Alumni Reunion.

 Here are the photos from the 2012 alumni reunion, which saw great enthusiasm from students and alumni alike! The highlights of the reunion included mess workers incentive funds distribution, tea party with cake cutting and snacks, sharing of hostel updates and achievements, room visits, and an informal get together at night. It was a great platform for students to bond and interact with the alumni, and to receive great fundae for life in general. 

 Some latest events and achievements of Hostel-4 in recent times are:

• H-4 mess got privatized
• Overall IV in sports GC 2012-13 with I in baddy, II in football, swimming, water polo, weightlifting, kho kho, crossy and tug of war and III in TT.
• Overall V in cult GC 2012-13 with I in debate, IV in gyrations (dance), goonj (music) and fine arts.
• III in PAF 2013
• On 26 December 2010, the hostel got an Alumni-funded state of the art gym with all modern amenities and proper equipments (click here to see the list of equipments and pics of H4 gym)

 As we give back to help make the H4-infrastructure the very best on any IIT-campus, Hostel 4 appreciates your donation. Stay tuned to hear more about the cool projects being planned for our Hostel, and don't forget to bookmark this page. Click here to see some of the recent H4 pics. Any ideas, comments, suggestions for the hostel are always welcome and needed. And lastly, to get back to the good old days, click here to see some images from the here to see some images from the past.

 For any further queries or anytime you are in the campus feel free to contact us.
 To be a part of Hostel HATS Champs register here.

Srijan Bhatt                                   Rahul Jain
Alumni Secretary, H4                      G.Sec, H4
Contact Number- 7738260131           Contact Number- 9892940449   








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