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Welcome Back to Hostel 2,the abode of The Wild Ones!!!

Register for the Institute Alumni Day Function and HATS Reunion on 29th December here. 

Hostel 2 continued to make its presence being felt in the Institute by winning the Cult GC third consecutive time and also winning the Tech GC and finished third in Sports GC . H2 won the Hostel Cup introduced for the first time for the hostel which performs overall better in all three GCs. Also Mr.Bhikaji Dhadi retired as a mess worker after a service of more than 35 years here in Hostel 2. After the rule by Supreme Court for Freshies going to new hostels, no UG freshie came to Hostel 2 but we have M.Tech freshers here thus bringing a complete end to the even very less Interactions of Seniors and Juniors that was pretty much prevalent in the hostel.

Reunion this year, happened eventfully with alumni giving back to the hostel by presenting the mess workers with cheques on their retirement and 25 year completion. The alumni and their families actively participated in the mess workers function and spent some quality time with them. Seeing their old rooms resulted in a surge of nostalgia among the alumni so much so that they even played football on the footer ground to bring back old memories. They recounted funny experiences from their time and enquired about the present state of the hostel. After the whole event, each and every one of them went with laden hearts full of memories and happiness. The photos have been attached.

As a part of HATS the Music Room sound proofing was done by the batch of 1986,the oy-bevde group. Also the Library Upment project is going on under which new books will be brought and subscriptions be made. The donations for the same were done by Ram Kelkar. Earlier HATS fund was utilised to buy new Musical Equipments, DSLR and in Mess Workers fund to name a few.

To be a part of Hostel HATS Champs register here.  

For more information regarding hostel or anything contact

Manisheel Gautam   Shubham A Jain
G.Sec., Hostel 2 Alumni Secy, Hostel 2
9920556933 9773718311


















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