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Hostel 11


Registrations for the annual Institute Alumni Reunion is up and roaring: it is very easy and takes one minute at here.

Welcome dear alumna!

First, we would like to thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to stop by. Welcome to your very own humble abode Athena-a place of sweet, bitter fond memories of yesteryears of your awesome stay here at IIT Bombay. A home away from home, Athena has the power to exude the grace of feminine exuberance of IIT. We once again appreciate your feeling for our very own Athena-a place where our feminine self sees itself at the crossroads of girlhood and womanhood. And amidst all the tears and cheers, the years of moulding ourselves into complete women pass by in no time. And then at the call of the harsh life awaiting us outside, we stand firm on our feet, independent yet united as composed, sensible, fearless and confident women. Such is the strength of Athena. It’s an honour and privilege for us to welcome you back again to this warehouse of strength and jubilance.

Athena has always left a significant mark in inter-hostel events inside the campus. Let’s take a glimpse of her achievement in recent past. Last year, she won Carrom GC, Table Tennis GC, won 1st and 3rd position in long jump, 1st 2nd and 4th positions in 400 m race, 2nd and 4th positions in 100 m race, 3rd and 4th positions in 800 m race in athletics GC, won the Kho Kho GC, and many more.. You must be feeling great to see that the glory of Athena has not faded yet. We, the Athenites, feel proud to be a part of it.

HATS is an important alumni driven initiative to channel the affinity of the hostel alumni to the welfare of their hostel. We would like you to support us financially or in any way possible. Athena misses you, and she needs your support. This year, we are planning for a grand reunion for you. Come join with us to rekindle the memory of your past, and make our endeavour to help Athena a grand success. For regular updates about Athena, do visit our website . For any query, feel free to mail us or contact us anytime. The contact details are given below.

To be part of the Hostel HATS Champs register here.

Vibha Jayaraj                                                                                  Snigdha Ghosh

General Secretarty                                                                         Alumni Secretary

H-11, Athena                                                                                 H-11, Athena

Contact number:  09833481249                                                Contact number:9819960697

Email Id:                                                   Email id:



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