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Hostel 10



Registrations for the annual Institute Alumni Reunion is up and roaring: it is very easy and takes one minute here.

Welcome Alumna !!!

Glad you took time from your busy schedule to visit your very own old Hostel 10’s page.It must hold many memories- good or bad, but all part of your awesome 4 year stay at IITB.H10 is house to the female crowd at IITB, known for the graceful and sophisticated feminity it upholds.Get a glimpse of the Hostel’s present  scenario on its site.

H10 must hold a plethora of fond memories- the friends, the tears and cheers with them, the late night canteen food, PAF, GCs,Gyrations,midsems, endsems and the list goes on...


Lets take a look at last year’s achievements of H10.We were 3rd in PAF, 3rd  in Tech GC, 2nd in high prep Tech GC, were 1st in Freshizza dance, 2nd in Freshizza music, 1st in oeverall speaking GC, 3rd in lit GC  and the list goes on..


Last year we had an amazing reunion with H10 alumnus having a memorable visit to h10 with their families . We also celebrated the birthday of one of them, what an awesome day it must have been for the alumni!And not to forget, the mess workers who received funds for their much appreciated efforts, were absolutely pleased.


This year we will be arranging a fun filled event  for you in your very own Hostel 10 when you come here for the reunions! Meet up some forgotten faces, some beloved ones , visit your old small rooms, your great^n room daughters and ofcourse your once home away from home!So do come and get your friends along and reminiscence your life at your IITB-your alma mater, during the reunions.


To know more about your Hostel 10 do visit the website- . For any queries or anytime you are in the campus feel free to contact us at the given numbers.


To be a part of Hostel HATS Champs register here.


Sheetal Agrawal                                                                   Ankita Humne

General Secretary,                                                         Alumni Secretary

Hostel 10.                                                                             Hostel 10

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