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Hostel 1



Register for this year's Alumni Day function and Hostel HATS Reunion here. 

As a part of the Alumni Day celebrations we had a small function arranged in
our hostel. Alumni visited the hostel as per the schedule. They assembled at the
Lower TV room along with hostel-mates and mess workers. The function began
with a welcome speech by our General Secretary. After that we kept the floor
open for the alumni to share their experiences in life and memories of the
hostel. This was a great learning experience for the hostel mates. We also had a
brief Question & Answer session with the alumni.After that the alumni
distributed cheques to the mess workers who recently retired,as a part of the
celebration. The other mess workers who attended the function were presented
gifts. We also had an interaction session with the mess workers. That was
followed by a group photo session in the Lower TV room. After that everyone
gathered in the mess and shared a light moment having tea and snacks. This
marked the end of the celebrations after which we bid goodbye to the alumni
and mess workers. For glimpse of the function click here

H1 bears the longest history among all the hostels in IITB. It had seen the beginning, the struggle,
and the rise of this great institute to one of the topmost educational-cum-research institutes in the
world. There are in-numerous alumni members who have their beautiful memories belonging to this
beautiful hostel – best described as the “Queen of the campus” - motherly, powerful, evergreen, and
without question the most peaceful hostel. Their timely contributions have made this hostel rich in its
infrastructure. It now has all the facilities that support the academic and non-academic activities of the
residing students.

Hostel 1, being predominantly a PG hostel during most of its time, have a different mindset of the
alumni. After the great golden jubilee reunion in 2009, in which more than 80 alumni with their families joined together in Hostel 1, the figures had gone very low. For the past three years, the number of alumni came to our hostel during the Alumni day were less than 15. Last year, there were 7, including Prof. Gopal R. Shevare, Aerospace Engineering Department, IIT Bombay.

This year, we are trying hard to push the number beyond 30, contacting as many alumni as possible.
We welcome you to your Hostel 1, for the Alumni day, 30 Dec 2012. Do come with your families and
get your friends along. It will be great fun to see the present status of the hostel, the inmates here, who is occupying your precious rooms, with infinite sweet memories. We are waiting curiously to hear the stories of your time, the fun you used to have here, the decades long hostel culture which are retained or gone missing on the way..

To be a part of HATS Hostel Champs Register here

For further details about the reunion, and the hostel, please contact any of us below. We would love to interact with our hostel seniors.

Abhinav Sharma (Alumni Secretary)                                                  Sameer Jain (General Secretary)

+91 9594065104                                                                                +91 9167647747                                               

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