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Hostel Alumni Team Stewardship (HATS)

"Give back" to your hostel by improving hostel facilities
and providing assistance to hostel staff and mess workers ...


HATS is an important alumni-driven initiative that aims to channel the affinity and affection that many alumni have for their Hostels. HATS started with the Hostel 7 campaign "In Service of the Lady" in 2006, and continued with the Hostel 4 HATS campaign which launched with a bang in 2009. Under the leadership of an enthusiastic "core team", HATS will leverage the past successes to develop a campaign for all hostels. You can view the HATS presentation made on Alumni Day 29th Dec, 2010 by clicking here and HATS intro video by clicking here.




Updates on HATS so far...........

To summarise, HATS fund has been utilised in various initiatives and welfare of the hostels. So far:

  • 191 number of mess workers from all hostels have been given retirement benefits
  • Hostel 2 got digicam, musical instruments, home theatre, projector and soundproofing of music room
  • Hostel 3 got a digicam
  • Hostel 4 got a state-of-the-art gym and badminton court is in the pipeline
  • Hostel 6 got a basketball court and washer-dryers
  • Hostel 7 got bookshelves in all rooms, washer-dryer, musical instruments
  • Hostel 8 to washer-dryers





Continuing the legacy of bolstering hostel infrastructure and living standards, this year Hostel 6 executed Laundromat project after months of brainstorming to overcome the problem of hanging laundry in hostel corridors. 5 washers and 7 dryers have been installed, and inauguration took place on 15th August 2013. This project grew on the roots of pilot H8 Laundromat Project.

With the launch of HATS in every hostel last year, the Institute Reunion is no more the same. Now, every hostel boasts a grand Hostel Reunion, coupled with fun-filled interaction with present students and events & games in the hostels, virtually all night (or till you can survive at night). 
Also the procedure for HATS has been standardized by HATS team to bring more transparency and clarity into the procedure and to avoid misuse, if you wish to know more about it please contact undersigned.

With the inauguration of the Mess Worker's Incentive Fund  (a give-back tribute for the mess workers) in 2010 with the kick-start of HATS program, last year most of the hostels achieved their target and others are thriving towards that. This year we are planning to launch Make Hostel My Home MHMH in form of exciting intra hostel competitions which will be taken forward to inter hostel level later.





HATS will focus on the following key goals:

  1. Improve hostel infrastructure and facilities
  2. Assist mess workers
  3. Increase interaction between alumni and students
  4. Empower students to improve their living conditions under the aegis of Make Hostel My Home. (MHMH)
  5. Organize hostel level reunions in each hostel on Alumni Day. (generally last Sunday of every year) This was started successfully on Dec 26, 2010. This year its on 29th December.


 Calling for volunteers from ALL hostels ...

If you wish to help out, please write to ...
Hemant Patel & Bakul Desai - HATS Co-Chairs
hats_team [at]

Some HATS related updates:

  • Total funds collected till financial year 2012-13: Rs. 1.83 Crores.
  • Total No of donors worldwide: 591
  • Hostels leading the race: 7, 4 and 8.
  • Mess workers helped by HATS: approx 250
  • Laundromats installed and inaugurated in H6 and H8
  • Basketball court built and inaugurated in H6
  • State of the art Gym purchased by H4
  • Bookshelves, designed by Rupee symbol designer Uday Kumar, installed in all rooms of H7
  • Digital camera, musical instruments, Home Theatre and Projector purchased by H2
  • Digital camera purchased by H3
  • Laundromats installed and inaugurated in H8





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