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Alumni Magazine Fundamatics

Finally....FUNDAMATICS is here.



fundamatics cover.JPG Our very own quarterly Alumni magazine.


Unveiled at IITB campus on Alumni Day, 25th December, 2011 by Dean (ACR) AQ Contractor. 

Over 200 pages of power packed reading material in this bumper inaugural issue with separate sections for reunion batches.

Stories, interviews, features, articles, thought provoking debates, nostalgic reminiscences  and humour from alumni comprising of Directors of other IITs, eminent politicians, world renowned economists, bestselling authors, nation’s policy makers, mountaineers, industry czars and even mess workers.

To read the online version, click here.

To order your hard copy from a limited number of copies available, write to fundamatics <at>

We have laboured to bring you the best content written by alumni across the globe. But we need your honest feedback and your submissions for future issues in order to continue to strive for excellence. Write to us with your comments, feedback, suggestions and submissions.

Await announcements regarding annual subscription plans. Support Fundamatics with advertisements and to get maximum mileage from the 37,000+ strong alumni community by clicking here.

CAUTION: Fundamatics is habit forming.

Read the editorial content below.


From the Beehive

Here it is. The very first issue of your quarterly magazine Funda- matics that will now give you the right combination of serious brain food and pure, unadulterated fun, Reinvigorating the art of the spirited essay, Funda-matics aims to bring together the best of IITB alumni thought and debate, keeping
alumni around the world up-to- date and on their toes. Within these pages you will find contributions from some very eminent people, - directors of other IITs, prominent politicians, world-renowned economists, bestselling authors, national policy makers, newspaper cartoonists, well-known mountaineers, industry czars. Read some thoughtprovoking pieces and a few wordy ones as well interlaced with some humour and light moments. The editors chose the beehive metaphor for the magazine because both IITBAA and its volunteers simulate several kinds of its typical behaviour. For instance, bees show a remarkable level of social behaviour. IITBAA too, is a universe buzzing with busy
worker bees flitting in and out, engaged in multiple tasks to create and sustain a vibrant, ever-evolving organisation. Bees display great organisational skills, without any centralised control. IITBAA and its chapters across the globe also function seamlessly on multiple fronts, creating and administering pathbreaking initiatives for the IITB community as well as the society at large. It works to further develop and strengthen the hive by consolidating the alumni database, extending our web presence and creating events and reunions of all hues — silver, ruby, jade and gold — and inclinations. A special characteristic of bees is communication and the one thing that we have found lacking so far, has been the presence of an alumni magazine. A periodical that can provide a global platform for exchanging fundaes, unleashing creativity, indulging nostalgia and above all, binding alumni together. Most IITB alumni were notorious in their student days for turning in assignments at the last minute. So was it
with this first issue. Like bees that collaborate to achieve a common goal, the threat of a looming deadline got in worker bees from across the world who bumbled, grumbled, fumbled, stumbled and were often humbled while harassing alumni for contributions. We burned the midnight oil (actually, it was more like ‘dawn oil’) to bring you this maiden issue of FUNDA-MATICS. And we intend to bring you one every quarter. We can only do this with your submissions and valuable feedback. Unlike our aphid counterparts, — more bees are always welcome at this hive. To end with a PJ, we recast the age old question, ‘To bee or not to bee. That is the question’, with the answer ‘You just have to bee. After all, it
is for your IITBee.’

All the bees

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