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Volunteering for IIT Bombay

Alumni are invited to volunteer for a wide range of opportunities that are virtual, global, regional, and on campus in Powai ... just click here to volunteer and visit this page whenever you can to browse current needs and requirements for alumni volunteers. We invite you to sign up, whether you can give just a few hours a month to support alumni activities or much more ... nothing is too little or too much ... more.

  • Chapter Organizers: We are constantly in search of alumni who can volunteer to lead Chapter activities, and those interested in taking up leadership positions in Chapters. This can be a very rewarding activity since it connects you with IITB and PanIIT alumni in your area who can be your future business partners, employers, employees or investors.
  • Batch Captains: We need alumni who can help lead batch activities, including management of the Batch YahooGroup, organizing events and activities, supporting networking and so on.
  •  Web Design Support: Maintaining the IIT Bombay Alumni web portal and the Alumni Directory database, plus the infrastructure supporting the web presence, and editing the alumni website at is a fun task which is also very critical in building our alumni network.
  • HATS (Hostel Alumni Team Stewardship): HATS is an alumni-driven initiative that aims to channel the affinity and affection that many alumni have for their Hostels. HATS started with the Hostel 7 campaign "In Service of the Lady" in 2006, and continued with the Hostel 4 HATS campaign which launched with a bang in 2009. Under the leadership of an enthusiastic "core team", HATS will leverage the past successes to develop a campaign for all hostels. Volunteers are needed for all hostels, so sign up now ... more.
  • Alumni Student Mentorship Program: ASMP was launched with two objectives ... to enhance the relationship between students and alumni by providing a platform for interaction on one to one basis; and to provide students with mentorship so that they can make educated decisions regarding their careers ... more.


Volunteer Spotlight

November 2013

Rajesh Radhakrishnan (B.Tech, 1988, Mett Eng, H6)

Rajesh moved back to the US after living in India for three years, helped energize the Michigan Chapter in Nov 2013. 4-5 volunteers came together in Sept-Oct, under Rajesh’s guidance, to roll out three events in September and October. The October events were also attended by alumni from Delhi, Kanpur, Madras, and Roorkee IITs. Rajesh also assists with the reunion and outreach efforts for the silver jubilee Class of 88 which is going to be celebrated in Dec 2013. Rajesh was the first President of Pan-IIT Midwest during 2002-05. With a team of great IITans from seven campuses, Rajesh helped build Pan-IIT Midwest to financial stability and membership strength of approximately 3000, spanning 8 states in Midwestern. He has also served on the Board of Trustees of the IITBHF (Heritage Foundation); and in volunteer, executive, and trustee capacities with non-profit organizations in Cleveland, Milwaukee and Minneapolis, and with the Kellogg School-Northwestern University.

Rajesh Radhakrishnan lives now in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, with wife Maria Welborne, and two daughters, Maya and Jaanaki. Professionally, Rajesh Radhakrishnan is a management consultant serving senior management and Boards of industrial companies, primarily in the US and India.
This is what Rajesh says about his association with the IIT alumni organization: - “I serve with the IIT alumni group because it is “family”, because it is my duty, and I enjoy maintaining old friendships and making new friends. It is important for me to place a high priority giving my time for this family and do what I can, when asked, when needed. I have not forgotten the young kid from a town in Kerala, who was shaped significantly by the experiences of 4 years at IIT Bombay. I am humbled by the smart, capable, and diverse types of individuals with whom I rubbed shoulders in Powai. I am deeply grateful for what I gained in terms of skills, confidence and relationships.”


October 2013

Madhuri Sawant (Ph.D, 1982, H10)

Madhuri October 2013

Madhuri Sawant’s association with IIT Bombay alumni was revived after she participated in the organization of the Silver Jubilee reunion of her class and since has been actively involved in the activities of AA.

Madhuri, Ph.D in Chemistry passed out from 1982 batch, back in IIT was a very active member of Hostel 10; lead the mess secretary’s position, and brought a few changes in improving the food quality.

On the professional front, after working for many years in corporate and winning “Wall Street Journal Award for developing mobile application to “receive experts’ advice” for farmers in India, Madhuri’s  passion for helping underprivileged grew. She then decided to leave the corporate sector and worked for a social cause.  She was privileged to get an opportunity to work as a Head of Aakash school tablet project. The successful launch of this project in remote villages of Maharashtra and developing interactive content suitable for village children attracted many educationists.

This passion has led to get few more opportunities to work on state level school projects to revamp the existing education system using latest technology.

Madhuri is a fitness freak and her weekend activities include yoga, zumba dance, gardening, painting and swimming.


She is very optimistic about the change one could see in the field of education and believes in Mahatma Gandhi’s quote “Be the change you want to see in the world”.


Juhi Bansal (Dual Degree, B.Tech & M.Tech, 2002/2003, MM, H10)

Juhi Bansal has been actively involved in alumni activities from the last 10+ years. With her first few years in New York, she was part of IITB New York chapter where as a fresh graduate student received warm welcome from the strong alumni network in the region, including being part of their first mentor/mentee program. As a SUNY-Stony Brook, NY presidential fellowship recipient, Juhi completed her post-graduate research under an IITB alum as well! After moving to Bay Area 8 years ago, she has been a part of SF Bay area chapter while contributing and participating in various volunteer driven events like Pan IIT picnics, Pan IIT Diwali Dhamaka and chapter special interest events, etc. Juhi was also part of Pan IIT Global conference 2007 organizing team and helped with SIG round table luncheon forum.

From Year 2010, Juhi has been leading organizing IITB H-10 focused get-together in SF Bay Area for alumnae graduated in and around her Class of 2002/2003. While there were numerous avenues for all alum to participate and be involved with IITB community at large, the IITB women alumnae participation had been limited. For the year 2013, Juhi took the get-together to new level and organized successfully an IITB Women (H10 & H11) luncheon. More then 30 alumnae participated with graduating class ranging from year 1976 to 2011. This was first of its kind networking event ever organized exclusively for IIT Bombay alumnae in SF bay area and now her eye is on expanding this forum to Pan IIT women community at large.

Juhi also servers as an active mentor supporting SARC’s Alumni Student Mentorship Program catering to current students at IITB. Back at IIT, Juhi was H10 Mess Councilor and voted as Best office Bearer, she also represented IITB in girls basketball team. Her interests include running, hiking and off late cooking! Juhi works in field of device physics and lives in Sunnyvale. She is married to Saket (also from Class of 2002, IITB) and they have a 1 1/2 year old adorable son Reyaansh.


August 2013
Abhishek Thakkar (Civil Engg, 1999 ) 
Abhishek chose Design as a profession over Civil because he was not too confident in his Structural Engineering answers. He designs Interactive website and mobile apps and feels happy every time he makes users' life easier. He delights in good Web typography, clean designs and screams loudly when he sees anyone using Comic Sans. 

His extended stay in campus due to academic misfortunes, his work in DIL, KReSIT and Webaroo (a SINE incubated company) has given him alumni connections over 7 batches. He was well known in campus for his creativity, wit and sense of humor. He was part of Techfest 2003 team and co-founded RANG- the fine arts group ofIIT Bombay. He lives in Thane and loves to spend his weekends going on rides, playing Board Games with friends or catching the latest Superhero movie.

Abhishek got elected in the unopposed elections for Mumbai Chapter EC. He wants to upgrade and modernize the IITBAA web infrastructure and hopes to go back to IITB one day and complete his graduation. 

July 2013

Rajan Shastri, (B.Tech 1975, EE, H5)


Rajan Shastri considers himself an accidental “pass through/pass out of IITB. Sometime in the late sixties he visited a science exhibition at IITB with a high school friend and saw a laser set up. Thinking it was cool he set his sights on IITB. That was the first and last time he saw a laser at IITB. As a lover of music and interested in stereo systems he wished to study electronics. That too was unfulfilled. Somehow he managed to navigate and pass through the academic maze at IITB and pass out resorting to med certs, Summer Courses and a lot of tutoring from batch mates. There are three legs to IIT – Academics, Autonomy and Hostel Life. The majority opinion of most graduates is that Hostel Life deserves the greatest credit for shaping who they are. Attending class was time pass, real learning occurred in the Hostel. 

He is a fairly recent volunteer at IITBAA which started by being the chaavi master and rabble rouser among his batch mates to donate to IITB. He also exhorts them to engage with IITB and add value to the institution in every which way we individually and collectively can. He has organized meetings between his batch mates and members of the faculty and students; with the express intent of making a positive impact at IIT. He says, “Our batch of 75 left a legacy while we were at IIT, we have made great contributions having graduated. There is no stopping us now; we have to continue doing things bigger and bigger.”

He assists in editing Fundamatics articles and is an occasional co-conspirator. This suits his jocular approach to life perfectly in providing an outlet for sarcasm and humour. The beehive consists of a merry band of people and a fun group of people to work with.

Having emigrated to the US after graduation, he relocated to India in 2005, leaving behind two daughters and a son. He has settled down in a remote part of the Konkan coast, in a village. Relaxing in his Beach House his volunteering activities consist of pounding words on the keyboard and cacking with people. He is currently constructing what might become a home stay facility that will come to fruition some time in the near future. It might double as a Center for Gandhigiri. Having recently turned sixty, he is contemplating how he can contribute to Nation Building. To that effect, he blogs occasionally at as well as writing to the PM. His letters are reproduced at He declares, “In some sense I am a dreamer and I have a dream that if IITians the world over band together we can make a definitive and significant change that will result in a better India.”

June 2013

Satish Hattiangadi, ChE' 71, H5



Satish did his Masters in Chemical Engineering from the University of Massachussets, Lowell (at that time Lowell Technological Institute). He did a Post Graduate Diploma in Software Technology from NCSDCT, and has worked extensively in software development.

He is married to his classmate from IIT Bomay, Leja. Leja has had a more conventional career, working for over 30 years with Tata Consulting Engineers, and thereafter as Vice President of Jacobs Engineering and Director for Marketing in its India operations.

Satish and Leja have one son, Anand, who has settled in Mountainview, California, and a granddaughter, August, whose weekly call keeps him glued to the phone on Sunday mornings.

Satish has all along been working alone, and tends to work 24/7 till the problem at hand is solved. He has retired from software development for the last eight years, and has been a regular participant in his Rotary Club and Rotary District activities.

Now that he has been elected to the Alumni Association Mumbai Chapter, he is keen to engage all IITians in and around Mumbai in the Chapter activities, with a “participation in something” target of over 76% to be reached in 3 years.

May 2013

Devina Coutinho, IDC 2009-11, H10 


Devina is an active member of the IITB alumni community, and currently the Secretary of the IITBAA Bangalore Chapter for the second year (2012-present). She is the first elected woman Executive Committee member to any of the IIT alumni chapters.

She has helped plan events like the annual Freshies Night, Ask me anything with Kanwal Rekhi, Pandit Hariparasad Chaurasia concert, VKC activities etc. in Bangalore. Being a designer by profession, she designs all the promotional material like posters, invitations, event reports etc for the EC and is responsible for the publicity of the alumni activities.

Devina graduated from Symbiosis Institute of Design and then pursued her masters in Interaction Design from IDC, IIT Bombay. During her stay at IIT, she held the office of Department Placement Coordinator. She was also instrumental in organising social events like Fresher’s party, Farewell party, Valfi, Festival get-to-gethers, Design conferences, Workshops etc in her department. She is also a sports enthusiast and has represented her department for cricket, throwball, table tennis & badminton.

Devina currently works as a User Experience Designer at Adobe Systems. She is part of the Dreamweaver team responsible for the tools designed for programmers to develop desktop and web based applications. Her hobbies include tailoring, reading, sketching and socialising!!


 April 2013


Shashi had been very active in the IITBAA ever since its new avatar as not-for-profit company formed in 2001. Enamoured to contribute his bit to alumni activities, he worked with few pioneers (2 to be precise) to start IITBAA Hyderabad Chapter in 2002 and was its Secretary until 2006 before moving out to Bangalore. He strived to build chapter membership from 40 at inaugural meeting to more than 200 (many rolling in and out of Hyderabad). He played the anchor for organising regular get-togethers / meetings / topical programs. Took initiative for Industry-IITB Interaction program, GJ Outreach and IITBAA Life Membership drive. Shashi received "Distinguished Service Award" in 2003 and was co-opted member of IITBAA Board of Directors (2003-04). He played a key role in forming PanIIT Hyderabad group in 2003 and was its founder moderator council member till 2006. He was delighted to see revival of the Hyderabad chapter in 2011 by high calibre enthu volunteers and continues to be associated with it as advisor.

Recently, he was shaken out of hibernation in Bangalore and has become part of the Bangalore Chapter EC. He looks forward to energetic Alumni life once again and would like to initiate activity to encourage & recognise 'hands-on' technical innovative work at schools & engineering colleges.

Like everyone, he enjoyed IITB campus life and extended the stay to do MTech after the 5 years of BTech. An avid sportsperson, he represented cricket, volleyball and athletics teams for H8 and was its Sports Secretary in 1974-75. Moving to H3 during MTech, he initiated Ganesh Chaturthi celebration and performed the puja as the 'priest'.

Currently he is independent consultant in the domain of Engineering Process Automation and Data Management after a long Engineering & IT career at BHEL, Hyderabad (28+ yrs) and Altair Engineering, Bangalore (5+ yrs).

He is happily married to Charusheela for 33 delightful years and gladly supports her in her art & craft and gardening activities. They are blessed with two bright daughters, Aditi doing her second Masters in Public Administration at Harvard University and Arundhati working as Store Designer & Space Planner at Arvind Megamart, Bangalore.


March 2013


Niranjan Bhat ( aka Ranju - his IIT nickname ) Che Engr '71,





He has been interacting and networking with alumni across batches since 1971.


He was an active participant in the activities of the earlier avatar of the IITBAA which was spearheaded in the mid-1980s in Bombay by the Saraf Bros. and Deepak Himatsingka.


Hosted get-togethers of his classmates from Chem 71 at Pritam Hotel, Dadar in 1991 and 1997.


From 1996 onwards he was actively involved with the Mumbai Chapter of the IITBAA and participated in almost every MMM ( Mumbai Monthly Meeting ) which used to be held at the Institution of Engineers at Haji Ali, Mumbai. He was the self-appointed "official" photographer for these events since Oct 1998 till the mid 2000s and has captured several celebrity MMM speakers on film.


In 1996, Ranju Bhat was one of the Core Committee members and was actively involved in organising the Class of 71 Silver Jubilee Reunion held at the Powai campus in Dec 1996. He led from the front in collecting contributions for the Class of 71 Hostel Wing Fund and was the first contributor to the Fund.


Ranju was awarded the Distinguished Service Award in December 2001 by IIT Bombay.


On Boxing Day in Dec 2009, he announced his intention to work towards gathering his classmates for the Ruby Reunion of the Class of 71 scheduled for Dec 2011 and commenced networking activities to locate his missing classmates. He was the chief motivator and prime mover of this first Reunion since 1996 which was superbly organised by 3 of his Pune-based classmates. Ranju's role was recognised by his peers who gave him a plaque with a citation "Leader without Title" at the Ruby Reunion get-together on the Rooftop of Le Meridien in Pune on 10th Dec 2011.


Ranju has accumulated an exhaustive database and is the first one to be contacted whenever an IITian of the Class of 71 wants contact data of their batchmates.


He developed a love for books while in school and after graduation from IIT started to correspond with his favourite authors, including P G Wodehouse, Arthur Hailey, Richard Armour, Spike Milligan, Henry Cecil, Michael Crichton and others. He has a sizable collection of books autographed by authors as well as photographs signed by them and statesmen and others such as Olaf Palme, Pierre Trudeau, Ted Kennedy, Willy Brandt, Paul Samuelson, Henry Kissinger and others.


A memorable day for Ranju was in 1995 when he and his family spent the day with Arthur Hailey and his family at his villa in Nassau, Bahamas.

He has written “middlers” for newspapers in the seventies.

His other hobbies include collecting stamps, coins & first day covers, music, travelling & photography. As a member of the Hobbies Club at IIT Powai, he enjoyed working in the darkroom printing the photographs shot by him during the 60s. His experiments at the Chemical Engineering Lab resulted in the publication of an article “Printing on Anodised Aluminium”in the Science Reporter.


Ranju was an avid DXer in his early youth. He was a technical correspondent for several international radio stations viz. BBC, VOA, Radio Sweden, Radio Nederland, Radio Australia, Radio Kuwait etc and has a large collection of QSL cards ( confirming his reception reports ) from these stations.


He took early retirement in Oct 2002 on the advice of his cardiologist ( he listened to his heart ) and has been involved, off and on, in low profile, low volume advisory services in capital goods marketing in the Western Region of India. He swears by the motto "I abhor deadlines" and works from home on easygoing assignments involving very little travel. Nevertheless, in 2010, he was back to the OT for his second open heart bypass surgery after which he has tried to slow down his pace.


Ranju Bhat has volunteered to help IITBAA in updating its database and has started with the Class of 71 directory.


His current obsession is the next Reunion of the Class of 71 in Jaipur in Jan 2014.


Ranju Bhat dreams of bringing out a publication highlighting his classmates and their achievements on the occasion of 50 years of entering IIT in 2016.


Jugal Tandon

(B.Sc, B.Tech (Hons) Metallurgical Engineer 1962)



The first ever Golden Jubilee reunion, would not have been possible if it were not for Jugal Tandon. Jugal Tandon who is a recipient of Distinguished Alumnus Award of I.I.T. Bombay for the year 2001 is the enthusiatic person who spearheaded the Golden Jubilee Reunion in the year 2012. He has been instrumental in the organisation of this memorable reunion from 28th to 30th December 2012 in which 32 Alumni from his batch along with 20 spouses attended the reunion and spent two wonderful days of fun and frolic at a beautiful resort in Panvel. Jugal's batch launched a Souvenir titled “The Pioneer” which is the Story of 1st Batch of IITB , class of 1962. This contains several interesting and humorous articles about his earlier days when IIT Bombay had just come into existence.


Jugal Tandon is a recipient of many other awards namely Tata Gold Medal” by Indian Institute of Metals in 2000, National Metallurgist (Industry) Award of Ministry of Steel and Mines, Government of India for the year 2007. He was the Chairman of JSW Cement, member of BoD of JSW Bengal and JSW Jharkhand and other group companies. He has been associated with several projects from “Conceptualization to Stabilization” right from the beginning of his career. To name a few, he has been responsible for setting up Three Green Field most modern Steel Plants and was at the helm of their affairs from 1986 till 2012. He has worked as the Director and CEO of Sunflag Iron and Steel Plant and Essar Steel. He has also been the Jt. MD and CEO of JSW Steel Ltd. in late 90s. He has been instrumental in expanding Essar Steel, Hazira and JSW STEEL to 10 MTPA capacity and making them the biggest steel plants in single location. He has also Spearheading JSW group’s movement to Corporate Sustainability and was the first CEO – Corporate Sustainability to enhance positive impact on stakeholders.


Post retirement he has decided to devote most of his time to Spiritual and Social Service activities to provide opportunities to young people to become employable, socially conscious and spiritually awakened. He is governing Body of ART OF Living, Maharashtra. He is also in the Council of CDTP & Advisory Committee of Fr Agnel Technical Institute . Jugal is trying to help them in developing new Technical courses to help for the noble cause that is to create more employment opportunities.


Gaurav Porwal (Dual Degree '05, ChE, H8)
Currently based out of Hyderabad, Gaurav runs his healthcare firm, Sparsh Nephrocare, which aims to make dialysis treatment more affordable and accessible to kidney failure patients in India. After moving to Hyderabad in 2009 to pursue his MBA from Indian School of Business, Gaurav along with other like-minded alumni has been instrumental in reviving the IITBAA Hyderabad Chapter by conceptualizing & organizing various events. While his stay at Bangalore (from 2007-09), he was very active with the Bangalore Chapter as well. He was in the core team of Pan IIT music group and widely acknowledged initiative Village Knowledge Centers. 
During his stay in IIT, Gaurav was very active in campus activities as well. He held the offices of Music Secretary - H8, Institute Music Secretary, and General Secretary - Cultural Affairs. 
Gaurav's true passion is exploring new cuisines with his wife Preeti, an IIT Kanpur alumna. He loves listening to & singing Ghazals and had a active group called Sukhan in Bangalore. All his attempts to form a similar group in Hyderabad have failed so far but he remains eternally optimistic. 

Saumil Majmudar (B.Tech 93, H7, Meta)

Sportsman, Entrepreneur, Team Player - Saumil Majmudar is all of that and more. He is also our volunteer of the month!

Saumil has been an active member of the alumni community, and was the Secretary of the IITBAA Bangalore Chapter from 2006 to 2012.

An innovator at heart, He was the brain behind conceptualizing and executing the annual Freshies Nite, Moods & Melodies (the Inter-IIT music competition that was a fund-raiser for VKC activities), Inter-IIT/hostel alumni cricket matches etc. Some of these events are now being rolled out across other IITBAA chapters – and other IIT alumni associations.

Saumil has been at the core of most of the action happening in Bangalore chapter over past 8 years. His contribution in the IITB Golden Jubilee event – Kal Aaj aur Kal and other alumni activities in Bangalore is very well known. He has also been supporting the PAN IIT activities in Bangalore till recently.

He was also actively involved in the IITB Golden Jubilee event – Kal Aaj aur Kal and other alumni activities in Bangalore. He has also been supporting the PAN IIT activities in Bangalore till recently.

Saumil was a Sports Secretary at Hostel 7 , member of the Inter-IIT Football team & NSO Badminton. He has been building a business in sports since 2003. Runs EduSports – a leading school sports company and currently is a Director of SportzConsult – a leading sports management business.

Post IITB days, Saumil went to IIM Bangalore. Saumil has been an entrepreneur (computer training, technology & now sports) since 1998 - after working at Wipro for 3 years.

He plays Badminton, goes on treks, practices Karate & enjoys an occasional round of Golf.

Saumil lives in Bangalore with his wife Srividya and 2 kids – Vedika & Rohan.

Madhusudhan Reddy (MSc 1974, App Geo, H9)


Madhusudhan Reddy was instrumental in reviving Hyderabad chapter of IITBAA.  Currently he is the Co-Chair of Hyderabad chapter. He has been a great help in organizing several chapter get-togethers, raising funds, generating enthusiasm amongst members. He has also helped in bringing in new members and sponsors. He has enlivened the Hyderabad chapter to make it an active chapter amongst all the chapters of IIT Bombay Alumni Association.

His main break-through was when he organised a get-together for the new entrants of IIT Bombay from Andhra Pradesh and that too with a very short notice. This event saw a participation of lot of students and their parents with a couple of Professors from IITB. This event was a great hit. This event helped the parents of the new entrants to clear out many doubts and become anxiety free. Madhu was also an active member in the Chapter's Conclave which was held in late June this year and contributed immensely with his inspiring ideas.

Madhusudhan Reddy is great at networking and is in constant touch with his juniors through Facebook, LinkedIn, calls, messages. He has always tried to guide the juniors and help them and mentor them. The Hyderabad chapter now knows who to get in touch with in case any help is needed.


Madhusudhan Reddy lives in Hyderabad and is currently in the 'Giving Back' mode. He works for the surrounding community and with an NGO for providing clean drinking water in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh.


Parul Gupta Sharma (B. Tech 2002, EE, H10) 


Parul Gupta's association with alumni activities is almost as old as her association with IIT Bombay itself. She was the institute alumni secretary in 2001-02 and organized the first ever extended (3-day) SJRU celebrations for the 1976 batch. During a short Californian stint for grad studies, she was a part of the IITB Southern California chapter Executive Committee and helped organize a pan-IIT picnic and a special screening of IITB alum Jagmohan Mundhra's movie, Bawandar. Once back in Bangalore, she turned lazy and mainly indulged in passive entertainment by showing up at Freshies night, PanIIT meets, music nights and distinguished speaker talks. 

Recently, she was shaken out of her blissful stupor and appointed to the Executive Board of IITBAA, a punishment for the crime of supporting H10 HATS initiatives and organizing the decennial for Class of 2002. She was also dragged in to the editorial team of “Fundamatics” (Alumni quarterly magazine) with the main responsibility of bringing in masala on campus romances for the M&B series of this alumni magazine. Now she can barely keep her head above the sea of emails. 

Parul currently lives in Bangalore with Patidev Prateek (also from C02, B. Tech EE) and a hyperactive 2 yr old son Abir. She works on buzzword compliant projects on Cloud Computing, Analytics and renewable energy for IBM Research in her spare time.



Abhishek Mangalick (B. Tech, 2004 ME, H4)


Abhishek Mangalick, an active volunteer at NCR chapter who revitalized the IITB NCR group activities. He has been instrumental in organizing IITB NCR fresher’s meet which was attended by around 100 alumni and worked enthusiastically towards making it a success. He is planning many more such events to make the community vibrant in NCR.

After passing out from IITB in 2004, Abhishek worked with HPCL and learned how to implement large projects. Realising that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, Abhishek started an educational venture where he developed vocational skill development programs in IT and Retail and Renewable Energy. This company was sold off after a few years. In 2010, Abhishek ventured into renewable energy education and founded another company which develops and markets renewable energy learning products and services.

An entrepreneur in true sense, Abhishek loves challenges and taking initiatives.

Samir Kumar (B. Tech, 1984, H6)

Samir Pic

Samir an active volunteer at Bangalore chapter and a DSA has been a goto person for many activities run by Bangalore chapter. Always cheerful genial soul, when it comes to supporting activities being done by the IIT alumni association, in any shape and form, he is always the enthu supporter. Whether it was the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of IIT-B or the Triple E at Goa in 2010, Samir has been in the middle of it all helping in creating events and then meticulously executing them.

While a teetotaler, he is very much there during the Freshies Night that Bangalore chapter host as the IITB-AA in Bangalore, egging on the freshers to sing or dance. Of late Samir has been super active at the initiatives of iit club in Bangalore.

On professional front, Samir became an early-stage institutional venture investor in India in 2001 following a 15 year operating career with high growth Indian companies. Samir is well established in India's entrepreneurial and venture communities with a broad network of business contacts throughout India and the Asia Pacific region.

Samir graduated from IITB in 1984, and did his MBA from IIM Bangalore, where he was awarded the Best All-Round outgoing student. Samir is married to Shraddha (alumnus of IITB) with 2 daughters, Poorna (IITM) and Prerana.   

Sandip Tarkas (B. Tech, 1985, H4)

Sandeep's association with IIT Bombay and the alumni movement was renewed when he participated in the organization of the Silver Jubilee Reunion of his class where he put his skills in event management to excellent use as a key organizer. Sandeep has been actively involved with H-4 HATS and also their extremely successful Madhouse book project. Few outside his batch might know of his musical talent but he is ever willing to share his voice and his songs at HATS and other alumni events.

In his recent avtar as a co-opted Director in the IITBAA Board, Sandeep has been helping in an area where few venture to volunteer,- fund raising and resource generation. He has lent his considerable business acumen to help the new FUNDAMATICS magazine garner much needed revenue through advertisements. He has been instrumental in ensuring that key events could see the light of the day by garnering high value sponsorships at the critical hour. The man with the Chemical Engineering degree, with a wealth of experience in Finance Management, Marketing & event management, we sincerely hope that his stint with IITBAA would set of a positive ‘chemical’ reaction leading to far reaching changes for the Alumni Association.  

On the professional front Sandeep is currently the President -Customer Strategy (Future Group) and CEO (Future Media), CEO (T24) India.

Warm, affable and ever courteous, Sandeep is man who works quietly from the background. This time around we decided to change the trend and put him in the spotlight to acknowledge his many contributions. Here’s hoping that he continues to keep making a difference for the IIT Bombay alumni movement.

Paresh Vora (B. Tech EE, ‘81, H4)

Paresh Vora

Paresh Vora is associated with the VKC project at Bangalore in its setup phase. He also helped with HATS program at H4. After relocating to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, last September, he has helped in revival of Gujarat chapter and worked with other members to enable hosting of revival meet and subsequent alumni programs. He is actively involved in getting the database of Gujarat members updated.

On a professional front Paresh has worked in IT, Software, Technology and Engineering industries for 25 years. His last assignment was to head India subsidiary of Dover Corporation, a US Fortune 500 engineering conglomerate. He is currently working with TeamLease, heading their education initiative to start a vocational private university in Gujarat.

Rahul Chaubey (B. Tech ChE, ‘99, H4)

Rahul Chaubey

Rahul Chaubey is a co-opted member of the Board of Directors of IITBAA. After a long stint as an EC member of the hyperactive Bangalore Chapter and after being involved with special events like the Freshers’ Night, Golden Jubilee celebrations, hiking events and special initiatives like VKC (Village Knowledge Centre), Rahul has been tasked with the job of liasioning with all Indian 10 Indian chapters. Rahul has worked actively to rejuvenate the Hyderabad chapter which has hosted 4 events in the last 5 months including the successful Meet-Manu event.

Rahul is currently working on a plan to host Freshers’ Night in 9 Indian chapters. He is also drawing up plans for an all-chapter conclave in Goa as a prelude to hosting Meet-Manu events in all chapters. In addition, he is spearheading the launch of a new event in Hyderabad which focuses on the fresh entrants to IITB and hopes to scale this event to all chapters by next year. Rahul has been instrumental in arranging for mentorship sessions between new alumni joinees in a company and their seniors within the same company and is now working with a team that is all set to roll out AAMP. (alumni-alumni mentorship program) He has also been instrumental in soliciting high value sponsorships by packaging the events well.

On the professional front, Rahul is responsible for operations and business development at Bravo Lucy and drives excellence in delivery for the company. He has a diverse background in the Supply chain/IT Industry where he has worked as a Software programmer, Six Sigma Black Belt, IT program manager, Manager for Retail implementations and Retail business development.

Akshay Mishra (M.Tech EE '02)


Akshay is an enthusiastic young volunteer who has been co-opted as a member of IITBAA Board of Directors. He is a member in webteam for IITBAA/IITBHF with supporting role in website, newsletters, mailing lists  etc.,. Akshay also is the resident IT expert for IITBAA office and in charge of the IT related needs of Fundamatics. He is also active with the Mumbai chapter of IITBAA with a focus on event organization.

Akshay started DSPWorks and is now working in a team of 4 and looking after technology development. Based out of Mumbai and stays in Vikhroli just around the campus. He is also pursuing his doctoral research in Electrical Engineering.

Nitin Kumar Singh (Dual Degree Aero '11, H5)


Nitin Kumar Singh has been active volunteer of IIT Bombay. He served as the Institute Alumni Secretary and Overall Coordinator of Student Alumni Relations Cell in 2009-2010. After graduation in August 2011 he joined the IIT Bombay Webteam as the youngest member of the team.

While in the institute he was instrumental in launch of Alumni Student Mentorship Program (ASMP) which is one of the biggest programs in India connecting students and alumni. The program template is now being followed by other IITs after huge success of the program.The process of launching HATS programs in all hostels was initiated during his tenure as the Institute Alumni Secretary.

He is also involved in the webcontent team which takes care of the newsletter that goes to all alumni every month. Over a period of 7 months he has helped significantly in the revamp of the newsletter. He has also contributed immensely in restructuring all batch yahoogroups and has been tasked with the maintenance of Alumni Honour Roll, enlisting volunteers from the younger batches and various other tasks.

He manages the Book Corner and Blog Corner, newest additions to the initiatives list of IIT Bombay and is known for his super-fast response. The mystery about when he sleeps has not yet been cracked.

He works for Deloitte Consulting and is based out of Hiranandani, a stone throw away from his alma mater.

Amit Khandelwal (BTech ChE '98, H3)


Amit Khandelwal has been an active volunteer of IIT Bombay San Francisco Bay Area chapter for last 8+ years and has been the chapter President since 2009.

He has led the organization of several professional, social and cultural events such as speaker series, panel discussions, annual picnics, Happy Hours, networking lunches etc and the annual fund raising drives in the Bay Area for past few years. He spearheaded the first ever IIT Bombay West Coast Reunion event, SF Bay Cruise, in September 2010 and has led the coordination of IIT Bombay performances at Bay Area PANIIT Diwali Dhamaka for last few years.

PANIIT Diwali Dhamaka is an annual inter IIT competition in bay area with 1000+ attendees and IIT Bombay has been a winner 5 times and close second 3 other times in the competition in the last 8 years. Amit has also helped in the organization of Pan IIT global conferences in 2003 and 2007, PANIIT Cleantech event in 2009 and PANIIT Innovation Summits in 2010 and 2011. He currently also serves as the President of PANIIT Bay Area chapter.

He is a member of the Executive Committee of IIT Bombay Heritage Fund and has actively participated in its activities. He has hosted the Director and his team a couple of times in the Bay Area - 2010, 2011 etc. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Award in 2011 and is one of the youngest alumni to recieve this honour.

Bakul Desai (BTech '82 ChE)

Bakul DesaiBakul Desai was one of the key players in putting together the Young Faculty Joining Bonus scheme of the Class of 1982. He is currently spearheading the Hostel Alumni Team Stewardship (HATS) initiative for all hostels, after having successfully launched HATS for H-4. he is also working feverishly on a new book about Hostel 4 about the hilarious recollections of incidents and characters that inhabited the hallowed halls of H-4 ... click here to visit the Facebook site about MADHOUSE - True Stories of the Inmates of Hostel 4.

In his personal life, Bakul runs a company that specializes in marble processing and turnkey installations which provides calibrated precision cutting machines and facilities for pre-installation visual simulations, dry laying and high quality execution with a focus on the 5-star hotel industry and special application highly customized end uses.



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