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ME Class of 1971 Reunion


Reunion 71

The Class of Mech Engg graduating in 71 held a small reunion on the campus on 5th and 6th November. This reunion was the brain-child of Pramod Choudhary, Dilip Bhole, Anil Rode and Kunjan Kothari during their get together in Houston and was ably planned and executed by Shekhar Dasnurkar and Easwaran in close co-ordination with the AA office. Dilip, Anil and Kunjan along with Krishnan Ramaswamy specially flew down to India to be here.

A group of 23 alums attended the one and half day event , stayed over in the 15 rooms in Van Vihar Guest House booked for them. The group contained other Distinguished Alums like Shailesh Mehta and Deepak Satwalekar. The event included a campus tour for the group with SARC volunteers Pratik and Aditi, a video con-call, (courtesy C-DEEP), with Vyas joining in from India and Arun Savara, Pradeep Shroff and Sanjay Mashruwala joining from US. There was a bit of a snafu about with net connection and the video conferencing which had gone smoothly during the trial run on Friday 4th Nov decided to prove that Murphy’s Law was not dead and the audio link (of all the things) went kaput on the D-day. But class of 71 had obviously not forgotten the lessons learnt 40 years ago on the campus and found a way round it too. Some hastily designed sign boards and imaginative use of sign language made sure that some bare minimum communication took place, enough to make those on the other side of Atlantic feel nostalgic about missing out on the “real thing”.

There were quite a few alums who were returning to the campus first time after passing out in 71. All those attending the reunion made it a point to take up the Life Membership of AA. The Class had a meeting with Dean ACR Prof Ali Contractor to discuss their possible engagement with the Institute and with Mihir Patel Alumni Sec to understand the various fora which have been created for Alumni- Students interaction.

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