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Question-1: I faced a problem during my credit card payment and was unable to complete the payment. However, if I try to re-register I get an error message saying I am already registered. How can I complete the payment?



Answer-1: You would have received a confirmation email at the email address you used during registration. This email will have your registration number and a link to complete payment, if the payment was not completed. You can also click here to go back and complete your registration, if you have your confirmation code.






Question-2: I wish to make a wire/online transfer for making my registration payment. How do I go about it? 

Answer-2:You need the following details to make the transaction
Bank Name: Canara Bank
Branch: Powai, IIT Bombay
Beneficiary Name: IIT Bombay Alumni Association
Beneficiary Account#: 2724101089574
Please send email intimation to immediately after making your payment. You should provide the following details in your email.
Date of Transaction:
Transaction Number:
Total Amount:
Total number of attendees:
Your mobile/telephone number:






Question-3: How can I make a cheque payment?

Answer-3: For US: Please write the Check /Cheque in favour of: IIT Bombay Heritage Fund
Please write your Registration Confirmation Code (above) on the Check/ Cheque.
Mail the Check/ Cheque to address given below and also send an email to with details of your Check/ Cheque and how it was mailed.
IIT Bombay Heritage Fund (IITBHF)
21710 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite 115
Cupertino, CA 95014, USA

For India/ ROW: Please write the Cheque/ Check in favour of: IIT Bombay Alumni Association
Please write your Registration Confirmation Code (above) on the Cheque.
Mail the Check/ Cheque to address given below and also send an email to with details of your Cheque and how it was mailed.
IIT Bombay Alumni Association Alumni Centre,
Gulmohar Building, IIT Bombay, Powai,
Mumbai 400076, India






Question-4: My registration confirmation email was truncated and does not contain enough information for me to complete registration. What can I do?

Answer-4: This is a known issue with certain email servers. Please send an email to registration requests with details including the email address which you had used to register, your name, department and hostel and we will send you further instructions to complete your registration.






Question-5: I registered some time back. I want to add my family members now. How can I do this?

Answer-5: Please send an email to registration requests and you will receive further instructions. You will have to make a Check/Cheque payment for the additions.
For Cancellations, please refer to our refund policy, and send an email to registration requests with your request.






About the Legacy Project


a.How does one contribute to the legacy fund?


We will set up the legacy project page link it to the II T Bombay donation portal for ( INDIA and ROW payments) and IITBHF for payments in the US. You can donate via cheque, credit card bank transfer and also through securities. 



b. Can I keep contribution anonymous?

Absolutely. All  donations can remain confidential. IITB’s policy is not to publicize individual donations (unless requested by the donor) . When one sends the donation, you need not tell your batchmates how much you have donated. Your check goes directly to the Heritage Fund in the US and to IIT Bombay in India. The team will only publicize statistical information such as number of donors, average and median contributions to track fund raising progress.



c. A lot of companies give matching funds. How can one take advantage of that?

It is critical that we take advantage of corporate matching programs wherever they are available. Many employers in the US (think HP, Cisco, Google etc) will match the charitable contributions of their employees 100%. IITBHF in US will help us with matching grants in US and ACR office will do the same in India.



d. Can contributors get a tax break in India / US?

Yes 100% tax break both in India and USA.



The IIT Bombay Heritage Fund is a US 501(c)(3) public charitable organization in the US and your contributions are tax-deductible. IITBHF's US Federal Tax ID number is 77-0428724. 
Similar rules apply for IIT Bombay in India. 100% exemption from Income Tax is generally available under Sec. 80G (2) (a) (iii f) of the Income Tax Act






e. What is the extent of tax break in India / US?







f. Can it be pledged and paid out over 2016? 


Yes..not just that you can stretch your donation over two years too. There are 2 big benefits in doing this. (a) It is easier on your cash flow and (b) You can double your tax benefits. Lets say that you can deduct a maximum of $5,000 per year for charitable contribution. If you donate $5,000 before December 2015 and $5,000 again in January 2016, you will get the tax benefit in each year.






g. What is the process / flow of commitments and payments? 


  • Step by step the process involves:
  • Pledge here so that we know you have pledged.
  • You may pay the pledged amount before your reunion/in installments/ after reunion
  • In case you miss out on paying, IITB/IITBAA/IITBHF will send you reminders.




For questions not listed here, kindly write to your Whatsapp group / or to and we will come back to you with a fundoo answer and also include it here.




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