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Lets Go Back to the Start


We trooped in through Main Gate and Y Point in July 1987 as whisker-less boys and pig-tailed girls.


We left in 1991 as young adults, full of hope and ambition and ready to conquer the world.


Those four years shaped us, marked us and made us, but we were too busy living those days to the full to make memories.


We’ll change all that in December 2016 - Come back to Powai after 25 years!


Lets make memories and

Meet old friends, old flames, and old fears!

Remember mid-sems, end-sems, and endless Cack Sessions,

PAFS, Himankan, NSO, NCC, Rainbow;

RK, SP, Huma and Heena!

Use forgotten words like NBD, daya baap and kucch bhi kyaa

Lets go back to being eighteen, even if its just for two days.

  23rd to 25th December @ IIT Bombay



Over 120 of your batchmates have already confirmed!


Registration Fees 

Alumni : INR 20,000 / USD 300

Spouse : INR 12,000 / USD 180

Children are Free! 

Speak to your spouse/partner – book your tickets now!


Make sure there are people to cover your back during the reunion:

Right Click this link to share with your Wing Mates, Department Mates, Lab Partners, Hostel Mates, general gheesus, coggus and nabdoos


There will be a treasure trove of memories distributed during the Reunion, memoirs, yearbooks, photos, anthologies of verse! Even if you can't make it to Mumbai you can get the T-shirt and Memorablia.  Click Here

Please come back and check our batch memoirs and photos being updated regularly.

(Only available if you register!!)



Photos (coming soon!)




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