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Class of 1989 report

Silver Jubilee Reunion
Batch of 1989 - Report

Khoob jamega rang, jab mil baithenge yaar


I think the concept of aging is exaggerated. Nowhere is it more apparent than when a bunch of people in the mid-forties gather in campus after 25 years of passing out of college. The Silver Jubilee Reunion of the 1989 batch of IIT Bombay during the last week of December was one such occasion. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think we felt young, in a teenage sort of way. The hordes of teenagers at the Mood Indigo festival held during the same weekend would not remotely let us pretend so. Their enthusiasm and exuberance was interesting to watch – but our energy and joy was just as special.
The same energy, friendship, old stories, camaraderie, banter, mock abusive lingo coupled with the ability to hold balance over 3 days was indeed special. Consider this: after partying till 4 am, a group found the energy to be out for a jog to the Vihar lake at 5 am; persuasive enough to have the guards allow them all the way to the lake.
About 130 of our batch mates came together back in the campus to celebrate and rejoice 25 years of passing out in 1989. Considering how packed the campus is these days in terms of accommodation  – with the Mood I crowd to add to the mayhem – it was good that we somehow had as many of the batch mates staying inside the campus. The stay options included a combination of the IIT guest house and Hostel 16(however new and spruced it was, it was still a typical hostel). I was apprehensive if after all these years, if my friends would be able to get back to a hostel stay. But thanks to a combination of the weather, efforts by Alumni Association & SARC, thecack sessions overcame any cribs on comfort with effortless ease.








The event started on 26th with a welcome party at a nearby hotel, followed by the 27th session packed with assorted agenda including a session of the Legacy project. Put a bunch of 125 batch mates together in a classroom kind-of-seating at VMCC, predictably paper planes and unrelated audience questions, roars of laughter ensued.

 One could see passion and purse – both in generous measure during the discussion on batch legacy project.  Many interesting ideas on how the alumni would like to engage with the institute on an ongoing way were discussed. But the high point was the combined fund generation of close to Rs. 3 crores that was mobilized during and before the period leading up to the Silver Jubilee Reunion event.  This was well over what the previous 2 batches had mobilized and we are hoping that this is only a start of a great partnership with the institute.  A visit to the departments on 28th gave an insight to the alumni on the progress the institute has made in all thee years. Overall a great time was had by all, much as we missed our dear batch mates who could not be there at the event. A word of advice to the 1990 batch friends: whatever else you do life, make sure you land up for your Reunion in Dec 2015.





There is a video that exists hidden in the inner regions of YouTube of wild dancing by a bunch of people to old hindi songs at the Gulmohur Lawns. Any resemblance to my batch mates is purely coincidental and shall be fiercely disowned.


As reported by Ramesh Natarajan, C'89


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