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Report of reunion

summary with pictures

Jade Reunion of Class of 77



On the weekend of Dec. 22, ’12 the Class of ’77 had its Jade Reunion. Around 50 odd class mates converged on Mumbai from all across India and around the world for a weekend of bonding, reminiscing, and wild revelry.

The proceedings were kicked off with a meeting with the Director, Prof Devang Khakhar and Dean ACR, Prof. Ravi Sinha. Prof. Khakhar gave an enlightening presentation on the current state of affairs at the alma mater – the great progress it has made, the vision going forward, and the challenges confronting it. The talk was followed by an animated discussion with the alumni which, sadly, had to be cut off due to a shortage of time. The Director’s talk was followed by a group photograph to commemorate the event and a sumptuous lunch organized by the IIT-B Alumni Association.


The formal part of the festivities concluded, the gang piled into a bus and several cars. The convoy headed out to the Upper Deck, a resort in Lonavala. The Upper Deck turned out to be a great venue. It is located on a hill overlooking a valley and the nearest village is a couple of kilometers away. We had the place pretty much to ourselves having occupied most of the rooms. The resort set up one of their conference rooms overlooking the swimming pool and away from the rest of the guests as the venue for our merry making.

Shrikant Awalegaonkar (Ouchie), an honorary member of the class, rustled up a band from Pune to provide the music for the evening. Ouchie and the band were outstanding, playing brilliantly both classic rock and Bollywood gems from our days at IIT. People let their hair down to sing rowdy songs, dance wildly, tell impolite jokes, and have a rousing gaali competition. Recording the event and posting it on YouTube would have created major excitement in the boardrooms and hallways of major corporates around India! Entreaties by the resort staff to end the party as it was past the national norms for noise making were ignored. Finally at about 1:30 the resort staff turned off the power to the venue and fled en masse forcing us to bring the evening to an end.


For those of us who were deeply involved in organizing the event the best thank you was:

Dear All,

Agree with Milind !! It was great great great event. Lots and lots of efforts by Suhas, Saheba, Speedy, Arvind, Ouch, Vandana, Jasbir, Ajay and so many others.Off course, full credit to all those too who participated. The hotel, venue, program, food, music, jokes, cacking, singing etc etc etc was jolly good.


Great event and will always remember !!

Keep Smiling !!
Ramesh Pasarija

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