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Legacy Project

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Legacy Project of C'64




All of us in our hearts wish to give something back to IIT Bombay, to our Alma Mater which groomed us to become what we are. We have enjoyed subsidized higher education, thanks to the policies of our government. Several projects have been undertaken by various alumni batches, some very large, to GIVE BACK  to IITB.  Many from our batch believe we too must leave our mark with a legacy project of our own, one that exemplifies what our batch created, what we stand for.




With this goal in mind we have decided to set up a Scholarship Fund that has the potential to become a large corpus receiving donations from all batches of alumni. Annual scholarships will be given to selected students with the intention of helping the recipients purchase study aids such as laptops, specialized software or instrument kits. We will constantly strive to make the fund generally appealing to all alumni and yet be representative of our batch. To this end, all suggestions and recommendations are welcome from all alumni. Our Legacy Fund is named:  




‘FundasClear Scholarship Fund’




FundasClear is a catch phrase coined in 1960 by the students of C'64 during their beginning days at our Powai campus. 


We believe the name truly signifies IIT Bombay lingo, mindset and culture, of the past, current and hopefully of the future.

The Class of 64 invites IITB alumni from all over the globe to help with this visionary project.  Please consider donating generously to this Fund, following one of links below:




If you are a resident of India click here
If you are a resident of USA click here
Rest of the World residents click here
Cheques to US
Cheques within India

Send Cheques to
IIT Bombay Heritage Fund
21710 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite 115, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA
Tel: +1-408-252-1664
Fax: +1-208-498-5404
office [at]
US Residents should send checks written in favour of "IIT Bombay Heritage Fund"

At the back of the cheque please write the name of your legacy project,- “FundasClear Scholarship Fund”

Send cheques to
IIT Bombay Alumni Association
Alumni Center,
1st Floor, Gulmohar
Indian Institute of Technology
Powai, Mumbai 400076

Tel: 022 2576 7086
Indian Residents should send cheques written in favour of "Registrar, IIT Bombay, Donation Account"

At the back of the cheque please write the name of your legacy project,- “FundasClear Scholarship Fund”


For some Important FAQ's on donations  please click here.





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