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62 reunion report

Reunion report


28, 29, 30TH December 2012


A report by Jugal Tandon and Sudhir Sharma (Metallurgical Eng.)


The First Batch of IIT Bombay celebrated its Golden Jubilee Reunion(GJR) on 28, 29 and 30th December coinciding with the Annual Alumni Day Celebrations on December 30, 2012. Three exciting days filled with fun, frolic, nostalgia, reliving the memories of 50 years back in IITB campus, discussions on the Indian and world economy, inquiry about family, their present status, etc., kept 31 Alumni and 20 spouses fully occupied. Two days spent at the Panoramic Resort at Panvel and one day at IITB campus were simply delightful. We all forgot our ages, pains and pills and felt much younger with great appetite for eating, drinking, singing, dancing and story telling. It was a great show of bonding, concern for each other, fond memories of those who could not attend, of teachers who taught us and made us worthy of being “Pioneers”.

We had enough stamina to visit Karnala Bird Sanctuary early morning on second day but it seems birds could not match our stamina and enthusiasm and so did not show up face to face but we enjoyed cool morning and beautiful forest with sounds of birds chirping and wild flowers smiling at us. Though the birds were mostly hiding, the flora of the forest had no such qualms and showed their brilliant colourful wild flowers rarely seen in the cultivated gardens. This was a sheer delight to many of us. We saw six or seven different varieties of wild flowers blooming in the full glory of various colours such as blue, purple, pink, orange, red, and lighter shades of these colours.

We were simply overwhelmed by the reception given by Institute Director Devang Khakhar and Dean Ravi Sinha, hailing us as the smartest and brightest Group present for Alumni Day function as we were all dressed in well tailored Jackets with Institute emblem and the spouses in colourful stoles.

Jugal Tandon gave a brief summary of our GJR to the audience in his own spiritual style saying that most of us followed our “Dharma” as Krishna told to Arjun in Geeta and we practised the profession for which we were trained and contributed to Development of Manufacturing, Engineering, Design, Consultancy in the country and outside. This created large opportunities for employment of young generation, which is crying need for our country. Most of us succeeded in the engineering profession we persued though we didn’t amass undue wealth nor extraordinary fame but excelled and contributed in our own way to create a “Brand” for IIT Bombay which over 50 years has become a brand of choice for all.


Sudhir Sharma gave a brief account of how he could gather material for Souvenir Book titled “The Pioneers, Story of the First Batch of IIT Bombay” which was officially released by Director Khakhar and widely appreciated for its content, presentation by all.

We also made a Gold Plated Silver Coin to commemorate our 50 years and we hope it will become a collector’s item over period of time. During Alumni Lunch we intermingled with Alumni of other batches and all were thrilled and excited to see 50 of us all + 70 years but with spring in our walk and broad smiles on our faces. It inspired them and they all hoped to be in similar position when their turn comes.



We all attended the Panel discussions organised by IITBAA on “How to Chanelise Gussa of IITIANS.” It was a good discussion and demonstrated the present day ethos of the society troubled by sad incidence of New Delhi. Hope all such discussions and demonstrations result in something positive which will prevent such atrocities in future.



Our GJR, release of “The Pioneers” and other activities were well covered by national press.

A very sumptuous dinner hosted by Director Khakhar and well attended by Deans and Council members of IITBAA and presentation of a beautiful glass plaque engraved with “The pioneers” to individual Alumni with Spouse marked the end of our festivities and we said Al-Vida with some sadness and some emptiness which always fill one after such successful nostalgic events. The very idea of the festivities coming to an end itself fills one with some sadness. We, however, promised each other to be in touch and to reassemble after 5 years once again. Of course the usual caveat applies, only if we are healthy enough to travel long distances from all over the world to our beloved IIT Campus!!

Our Sincere thanks to IITB Administration for all the encouragement and Honours done to us and to members of “IITBAA FOR MAKING ALL THE ARRANGEMENTS FOR A VERY MOMENTOUS GJR WHICH WE HOPE WILL BE REPEATED EVERY YEAR BY A NEW BATCH”.



We wish all readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year, 2013. 

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