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What is the Legacy Project?

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In addition to getting together for the Silver Jubilee Reunion, each Silver Jubilee Batch also takes on a "Legacy Project" to leave a lasting legacy of that batch for the IIT. We all have gained tremendously from the quality of education IIT imparted to us, and a large part of our success can be traced back to the opportunities the IIT education created for us. And, all that was done at a ridiculously subsidized rates. So, put all of these concepts together, and think of the Legacy Project as a way for us to give something back to our alma mater and leave behind a lasting legacy and remembrance of our silver jubilee reunion.

Traditionally, the organizers have challenged each alum to think in terms of giving back one day of income for each year since we graduated. Or, roughly a month of your current gross income. Let each individual judge what that means and how much they would like to contribute, but "giving back a month of income" sets a nice bar for each of us.

The types of projects each batch has undertaken include:

  • Projects that benefit the environment of IIT (e.g. one batch undertook cleaning of Powai lake
  • Projects that help invest in the infrastructure of IIT (e.g. one batch took up the task to re-build the gymkhana)
  • Projects that help recruit/retain the faculty (e.g. sign-on bonus / moving allowance for new faculty to attract the best talent to IIT-B vs other IITs)
  • Projects that help the student community (e.g. financial assistance to the needy students) etc.

Our 1985 Batch Legacy Projects have been finalized, and they are:

  1. Promote Technology & Development (T&SD) for better engagement of IIT-B in the development agenda of India through academics and entrepreneurship by:

a. Establishing a "Batch of '85 Chaired Professorship in T&SD"
b. Establishing a "IIT-B T&SD Business Plan Competition

  1. Contribute to existing Young Faculty Award (YFA) program (also knows as "sign-on bonus" for new faculty).
  2. Contribute to the Green Campus Initiative by installing solar water heaters in hostels

For details about these Legacy Projects and the selection process visit Legacy Project Details.
To find out how to donate, visit Legacy Project FAQ.

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