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Report on 45th reunion at Goa



Our batch of 1970 had a most wonderful meet at Goa, attended by over 100 alumni with wives, from all over the world. We have had earlier meets too, our 40th being at IIT Bombay, and two mini meets in the USA.
What was truly remarkable was we got back to our days at IIT Bombay, as if nothing had happened in between. The friendship and camaraderie, wives included, was simply amazing.
Planned over a year back, with a thoroughness we learnt at IIT, we met at Goa in January 2016, in the wonderful ambience of Goa at the Cidade de Goa Hotel. Enjoyed excellent hospitality, great music and group programs, site seeing and partying! Not a moment passed without that feeling of happiness in a group we call our own.
Our batch, never for a moment forgot what our Institute did for us years back, and generous contributions flowed towards noble causes being run by the Institute and the Alumni Association.
We also ensured that a book is published recalling the events for posterity, with nice write ups, and some amazing photos, something we will all cherish forever. Plans were also made to meet again sooner than 5 years, in Florida next year, such was the joy of the meet.
Such events don’t just happen. They must be made to happen and our batch has succeeded in doing so, and in return shared and revelled in something which one can call “friendship” but it goes far beyond words, far deeper that anything one can express, it touches the soul.

  ~ As reported by K.N. Ramasubban

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