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Valedictory Function for Class of 2011





Phase changes are always associated with some noticeable changes both internal and external. The phase change from a student to an alumnus was no different. This was evident from the congregation in VMCC on the 3rd May 2011 evening, where the junta  used to bunk classes had turned up in large numbers for what must probably be their last lecture in IIT


 That it was the all-time favourite of students, Dr Deepak Phatak to talk about the “Life Beyond IIT”certainly helped. And what a lecture it was !!! DBP was at his proverbial best as he took the class through the entire spectrum of what it means to be an IITian; the roles he is expected to play in life starting as a humble and yet inquisitive apprentice to learn from all that is around him, not only his “narrow” specialization but also from other disciplines as different from engineering as biology, nature and social sciences. DBP went on to impress on the gathering that their “natural selection” as future leaders of organizations places upon them a responsibility to lead by example in all aspects of

work and life, the quality, integrity and sense of purpose. Moreover as an IITian he will be called upon to mentor his juniors and ensure that the values and knowledge he has inculcated are passed on to the next generation. A better message than this, at this juncture of phase- change, when a student steps out in the outside world, would be hard to come by.


The IITB Alumni Association welcomed the passing out students into the fold of the alumni, a body with a strength of 35,000+, spread over the world in 23 chapters but yet uniquely defined by the branding they have received ; “IITB” a brand for life. IITBAA introduced the passing out Class of 2011 to the new initiative “Give One” which was launched with the Class of 2010. Give One calls upon the alumni to donate 1% of their salaries to IITB for betterment of IITB Community under the different programs many of which IITBAA runs on behalf of IITB. The Class of 2011 responded magnificently by registering 350+ Give One pledges on the same day.


This response from the student community emboldens IITBAA to revive this old tradition of Valedictory Function from the Institute and make that into a star item on the Institute Calendar. A big thank you for Dr Phatak, SARC volunteers and the AA staff for a memorable function.

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