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IITBHF & IITBAA Canada Chapter

Contact Us: alumnioffice [at]

Welcome to the home page of the Canada Chapter of IITBHF & IITBAA. Thinking about volunteering? We can always use all the help we can get. So what are you waiting for? Drop us a line at alumnioffice [at]

Announcing the launch of the IIT Bombay Canada Chapter ...

A group of IIT Bombay Alumni in Canada including Rabiz Foda and Ashok Ranade are working to set up IIT Bombay Alumni Association - Canada Chapter with Charities Registration under Canadian law. Please join the YahooGroup and Facebook Group at the following links to help with the above initiative and to connect with other IITBians in Canada:

IIT Alumni Canada or IITAC is an association consisting of alumni from all the IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) in India. IITAC organizes international conferences, lectures and social events providing opportunities for its members and their families to network and socialize with professionals, thought leaders and decision makers from the wider community in Canada and internationally.
Visit the IITAC website at for more information.
PI TECH Issue 9 is now released!
Announcing the release of the latest issue PI TECH (Issue 9) -- the Pan IIT Tech Review. The issue, which was released as a special issue at the PAN IIT Global Leadership Conference in Santa Clara, features conversations with Nobel Laureate David J. Gross, the Governor of Reserve Bank of India and other distinguished Alumni. Download the issue from this link.


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