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IITBAA Benevolent Fund


  1. Benevolent Fund is an initiative of IITBAA to provide financial assistance to IIT Bombay community to tide over emergencies such as unexpected crisis or major downturns.
  2. Students and employees of IIT Bombay, present and past, and their families are eligible for assistance


Update on Save Suvendu Campaign, 7 October 2016



Thank you all very much once again. Benevolent Fund was created with the small surplus that the Association generates. In these years we have supported 22 medical emergency cases like Suvendu’s but this is the first time that we reached out to the larger IITB community.  

Here's what your generous donations have helped to achieve so far:

The first round of chemotherapy for Suvendu was on Thursday, 29th September and he has already undergone six sessions in the first round. He will be hospitalised and kept under observation for the next 15-20 days and depending on his blood reports the next round of chemotherapy will start immediately. 

We also received a detailed cost break up from Tata Memorial and after scrutiny by Benevolent Fund committee members along with all his medical records, the first round of funds have already been transferred to his family. We have also decided to track fund inflow and outflow for the next six months and will revert back to you at that stage with a final update.  

Meanwhile, please drop us a line of acknowledgement to let us know if you all have received your tax receipt. During the campaign week we received numerous donations. Hence we are double checking with all right now.

If any of you have further questions, feel free to write in. We will be happy to address any other queries that you might have. 


Update on Save Suvendu Campaign, 28 September 2016


Thank you, over the years the Benevolent Fund of IITBAA has supported over 22 life threatening medical emergency cases but this was the first time we reached out to all of you for help. We are overwhelmed by the response from the alumni from all over the globe including the students who are currently studying in IIT. The donations poured in from all directions and we could see the emotional connect and bond we have together. 

 First and most importantly an update on Suvendu’s health and medical status:-

Suvendu was diagnosed with Blood Cancer (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia/ AML) on 17 August 2016 under intermediate risk.  Suvendu’s WBC count was almost 1.2 lakhs with 96% blast cell (bad cancer cells) where a normal person is supposed to have a WBC count of 4K-10K where even 10K is considered pretty high. His condition required immediate Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT). To initiate the BMT process, it was required that Suvendu was in remission (state where your body is temporarily free from cancerous cells) mode.   The exponential growth in WBC required immediate Chemotherapy to bring the WBC count to normal levels. The induction Chemo was initiated on 19th August.  In the interim, his sister’s bone marrow was also tested and it has turned out to be a 100% identical match.

 After first round of chemotherapy and the latest test results, some new mutations have shown in the report. Genetic mutations can play out in three ways towards your health – good, bad or neutral. The latest report shows some new mutations which are good for Suvendu and has brought him to ‘Good Risk category’.  With the current status, the doctors are of the opinion that further three rounds of Chemotherapy would allow Suvendu to lead a normal life with 60% probability of the disease not coming back again.  Just in case there is a relapse in coming years, BMT will have to be done. It would require an additional step for Suvendu to undergo another round of painful chemo to come in remission before BMT could be initiated. 

 BMT has multiple side effects (severe infection, GVHD, infertility, acceptance and many other unknown). After consultation with multiple top doctors in the country, Chemotherapy has been recommended at this stage. Given the fact that Suvendu’s age is in favour (he is only 23) and having an identical match (his sister), he can take the risk to rely on chemotherapy at this point of time and take up BMT if required in future.

Next Steps: Copies of all Suvendu’s medical records have been cross verified by the resident doctor in the Benevolent fund committee and he will go into the next round of chemotherapy at the Tata Memorial hospital in Kolkata at the earliest available date.

Fund Position and Compliance: - The current fund position is that we have reached Rs 19.3 lakhs out of our original target of Rs 20 lakhs. Hence at the moment we feel that this should be adequate for his multiple chemo sessions and hospital bills. However if there is any change of status we will share updates regularly.

Due Diligence: - We are expecting a detailed cost break up from Tata Memorial which will be scrutinised by the Benevolent Fund Committee as per due process. All payments are released with the recommendation of the Benevolent Fund Committee and the final approval of the board. In short there is a well established process within IITBAA to ensure due diligence and compliance with Company laws.

On behalf of the Benevolent Fund Committee of IITBAA and Suvendu’s family we would like to thank all of you for your fantastic response. When we started the campaign on 19th September we had no inkling and were already making back-up plans. But within the first 4 days 75% of the total donations had already come in. In less than 10 days we have 327 unique donors from alumni, faculty, students and friends of the community. The campaign went viral on social media, many reached out to Suvendu directly and it gave him and his family renewed strength and hope that they are not alone in this.

So thank you all for this humbling experience. We will keep you regularly posted so do please check this space for updates.

One important request - during the campaign IITBAA office received many donations from unknown people via NEFT. We need your help to resolve this problem. Those of you who have donated via NEFT/IMPL, kindly write to us at with date of transfer, amount donated and your transaction id. This is a must for creating a transparent donation system. If you have any further queries, feel free to reach out to us. Happy to answer any other questions you might have. We look forward towards your continuous association.


Office of IITBAA

On behalf of the Benevolent Fund Committee, IITBAA



Under the aegis of Benevolent Fund IITBAA is running Save Suvendu Campaign which ends on 27 September 2016.


This is an appeal to the alumni community. Your generous donation can save the life of Suvendu Biswas through our Benevolent Fund. Benevolent Fund is an IITBAA administered project. Through this project we support IITB community with medical emergencies. For an overview of the Benevolent Fund, click here. For list of past fund beneficiaries, click here.

Suvendu is a freshly graduated alumnus (Class of 2016, M.Sc. Applied Geophysics) who has been recently diagnosed with Blood Cancer (AML).

Suvendu graduated this year after completing an IIT education through a Merit-cum-Means Scholarship (MCM) that is provided to the poor and meritorious students belonging to minority communities to enable them to pursue professional and technical courses. This implies that Suvendu’s family has gone through financial hardships to get him educated in the hope that their son would learn at IIT, get a high paying job and alleviate them from their misery. And barely a month into his first and new job, there is a sudden question mark about his very survival; leave alone uplift his family from hardships. 

Suvendu is currently admitted to Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata. Doctors have advised him to go for a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) which costs at least 20 lacs. The continuation of his life critically depends on timely treatment. 

Unfortunately, Suvendu is forced to depend on relatives, friends and different organisations for his medical expenses. At a time he has no one else to turn to (his family cannot help, his employers are new), he has turned to a powerful 50K+ strong influential, resourceful body of fellow alumni.

We are asking you to reach into your hearts and give whatever amount you can so that we can raise the Benevolent Fund for  Suvendu’s treatment.  We hope that we can raise at least half this sum if not full and help him. Your donation will ensure that Suvendu can receive the best possible care in hopes for a remission/cure for his disease so that he may continue enjoying the fulfilling life he deserves.

All funds raised in excess of Suvendu's needs will be transferred to the longstanding Benevolent Fund to fund other alumni in a situation similar to Suvendu's.

Those of who would like to support Suvendu can do so by clicking here.

If you would like to make your contribution through NEFT, request you to write to IITBAA office at <> to take this further.

If you would like to send a cheque, kindly draw this cheque in favour of “IIT Bombay Alumni Association” and mention “Benevolent Fund-Suvendu’s treatment” on the reverse of the cheque. Please write to us at <> so that we can track the cheque. 

We hope that you will support Suvendu in whatever way you can.


IIT Bombay Alumni Association.


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